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The Demon's Rook


Adventure / Fantasy / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Videoverdose9 / 10

A Hidden Genre Gem for Fans of Gory, Stylish Eurohorror

In the vast realm of under-the-radar indie horror, artist/filmmaker/toymaker James Sizemore's The Demon's Rook is that special genre gem that would surely please the rabid niche audience it was made for-if only they knew it existed.

A bloody love letter to Italian horror's heyday, Satanic sleaze, and rubber monster mayhem, it's an unrepentant exercise in style-over-substance. Sizemore directs and stars alongside his wife, Ashleigh Jo Sizemore, and they make a wonderful creative duo. The film is colorful, atmospheric, and strikes an oneiric balance between creepiness and camp. Filmed all over the woodsy Georgian countryside, its forests, fields, and country roads compliment the indulgent use of fog machines, gel lighting, and stunning creature makeup. There isn't much of a plot; it's more like a series of events that unfold over the course of one long night and early morning. Years ago a young boy named Roscoe was abducted by Dimwos, a demon overlord who swept him away to a subterranean underworld where he taught the child how to hone the powers of occult magic. Why the demon chose this random white kid from Georgia to be his human apprentice goes unexplained, and frankly, I was cool with that. Now an adult with long dirty-blonde hair and thick beard, the man escapes this hellish underworld through a portal connecting that world to this one, and consequently unleashes a horde of demons, devils, and undead monsters who spill out from a dense cloud of fog and wreak gory-as-hell havoc on the residents of a small town. The majority of the film sees Roscoe and his friend Eva (Ashleigh Jo Sizemore) fleeing for their lives as the ghouls disembowl, rip flesh, and sexually violate their way through the townspeople. It's such a simple idea that's executed with so much visual flair and genre excess that fans of this stuff will find plenty to love. Highlights are a sleazy orgy with a giant horned devil and a circle of beautiful women; a carnage-drenched club scene where zombies crash a crowded dance party; and a mysterious vinyl record that has supernatural powers. Speaking of music, the score is pretty awesome too. The film's greatest flaw is its unhurried pacing, which will alienate many viewers, but if you're a fan of the films The Demon's Rook is celebrating, pacing issues ain't nothin' to cry about.

Clearly an ode to Fulci and other Eurohorror heroes, there's an American 80s horror flick that bares mentioning in terms of comparison. I was revisiting DEMON WIND (1987) recently and couldn't help but wonder if Sizemore was inspired by it. Quite a few stylistic similarities like the Bava-esque lighting, eerie dreamlike atmosphere, and the excessive onslaught of demons and zombies.

If any of this stuff sounds appealing to you, I can't recommend this movie enough. So track it down and spread the word cuz it deserves more attention. As of early 2019, it's only available on DVD, and includes Sizemore's 2014 short GOAT WITCH, a lurid, sleazy, and visually appealing occult ritual that makes a perfect companion piece to the main feature. It also includes a making of featurette that details the painstaking process of creating the monster makeup/practical FX, all lovingly created by Sizemore, his wife, and a small team of friends.

Reviewed by kosmasp5 / 10

Bad Rook(ie)

So the writer/director is also the star of the movie. Plus he's obviously having a lot of friends/relatives in it too. Not professionals that is. Now you can take that as a criticism or run with it and admire the passion and the love for the art the man has. That is up to you. And I don't really want to know if the comedy was intended or not. It feels like it wasn't in a way, but it's so bad sometimes that they must have done it on purpose.

Whatever the case, technically this would rate much lower. But was it a hoot watching at the Frightfest in London? The answer is yes. Not because it is good and I have to stress that out once more, but because it is weird and it is bad. You'll know pretty fast, if you can stomach the no budget appeal of the movie or not. Looks like quite a few people here are digging ... we got a hole, see? Just don't fall for it ... (no pun intended).

Reviewed by ayresryder8 / 10

Oh Thank God, B-Movies aren't dead after all

Bloody, gory, hilarious, sexy, campy, repetitive. These words are all you need to know about this movie. If Evil Dead (or Ash vs. Evil Dead) had a weird Wiccan cousin, this would be it. In the true art of low budget B-movies this delivers in every way. It's not just some other half-assed low budget movie as I was beginning to think were all that were left for our future. The Devil's Rook was made by a group of thoughtful and passionate young people who obviously had a lot of fun doing what they were doing. And while they did well, the actual storyline of the movie drags on, this would be a good party movie because it's mostly eye candy so you can talk through it without missing anything. Also, it has plenty of good nudity!

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