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The Diplomat


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Claire Forlani Photo
Claire Forlani as Pippa Porter
Dougray Scott Photo
Dougray Scott as Ian Porter
Richard Roxburgh Photo
Richard Roxburgh as Charles Van Koors
Tony Barry Photo
Tony Barry as The Libertine
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lucaspix7 / 10

Better than I expected

I saw this at home on DVD, and only realized it was a TV mini-series after I checked the running time ( over 180 minutes! ). Anyway, I decided to see it in one shot, if bored I could always stop it or pause for more popcorn! I found the plot a bit of a mix of other stories' ideas, but it was well developed and ended up quite interesting. I happen to appreciate most British/Aussie movies, especially the espionage genre, where they have a way of keeping you always wondering on the next move, like a chess game. Details come and go very quickly and sometimes I was glad on having subtitles to better understand the accent...! Acting is very good as I expected from the selected cast. I guess I was tired after 3 hours, but I could hold for another half if needed!

Reviewed by evetan000006 / 10

Confusing plot

Shot in London & Australia. Ian Porter is the diplomat who got caught in the London's Scotland Yard & Russian nuclear terrorists way. Chief Inspector of Scotland Yard questioned Ian Porter for sealing the diplomatic containers that contains 23kg of heroin. He thought he's helping to counter-terrorism by acting as a middleman between the Russian mafia Krousov & the secret services so he's like the puppet being played by both teams but actually the secret services have other plans themselves. So Scotland Yard decide to whisk Ian & his estranged ex-wife, Pippa to Australia Sydney under a witness protection scheme and slowly discovered a deeper conspiracy that might kill thousands of people which Ian will have to decide who to protect. It's also about a family who lost their son & love by real life couple Dougray Scott & Claire Forlani.

Reviewed by eddie-837 / 10

Worth witnessing

"False Witness" is an enjoyable enough espionage mini-series which easily kept me watching for more than three hours in two sessions on Australian cable TV on the second weekend in January 2009 in what was claimed to be a "World Premiere". There's probably very little in it that you haven't seen before though the degree of culpability of the main character Ian Porter (Dougray Scott) had me guessing for a long time.

I thought this was a co-production between Australian pay-TV company Foxtel and British TV (BBC?) but apparently it's all-Aussie. The action takes place in London and Sydney and in case you're not sure where we are, every time the location changes we start with a shot of Tower Bridge, the London Eye, Big Ben etc or alternatively Sydney Harbour Bridge or the Opera House. (Incidentally, according to "False Witness" every resident of Sydney has a harbor view).

Real-life couple Dougray Scott and Claire Forlani are a great-looking pair, Clare especially is a stunning-looking young woman. Unfortunately on this evidence Dougray is something of a sleepwalker.

I don't think I need to explain the plot again as Venus Attack has covered it well but I suspect the couple whose marriage fails after they lose a child in an accident has been done before.

(The broadcast I watched had sub-titles (which I find helpful) in the second episode but not the first!)

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