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The Fearway


Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Shannon Dalonzo as Sarah
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Simon Phillips as The Manager
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by danielcereto3 / 10


The movie is an amateurish way to copy several movies like Reeker or Jeepers Creepers. But in a bad way. The movie looks extremely cheap and the script is non existent. The ending is a joke. Nothing new here or interesting.

Is it a good movie? No it is not. Is it entertaining? No, it is predictable. Why the three stars? I really enjoyed watching the Joshua Tree National park settings and the main actress does a good job here. The other one is a tip. A tip because I love independent B cinema.

So, if you're looking for a similar movue I recommend instead of this one, the movie Reeker. More creepy, better Fx's, more original and with more or less the same budget.

Reviewed by What-a-Punk6 / 10

Simple, but enjoyable

I couldn't shake the feeling that I saw few movies already with this same premise, but I kind of like it overall, so I didn't consider it to be a drawback.

I liked the secondary characters a lot, this might sound strange, but they were actually quite believable and likeable, they really made up a better part of this movie. While main charactres - not so much, I think the biggest miss was with the main actress. And the clothes that the main guy was wearing - felt like a big miss. And finally the biggest miss - their car, haha, big bummer. Probably sponsored by the manufacturer, that why...

The main antagonist as well, was not ideal I think, first of all, I think he should've been made more subtle, they showed him off too much and most of the time he was just following or watching them, it didn't feel like a haunting and he didn't feel scary or terrifying enough. I think they surely could've done a better job with the makeup for him and maybe something more for the eyes to make him look really sinister. And his car as well - although the car selection might be fine this time, it was still too clean and shiny for the purpose... There were some scenes where you could tell its not a bad movie, because characters were acting more realistic then in the most horror movies I've seen, so that's a plus.

I wish they've spent some time to expose the story behind secondary characters, at least just a big, with some subtle message, instead of all these superficial boring talks that main characters had about their past and planned future.

Overall, it's a so-so movie, if you don't come in with high expectations, you might find it enjoyable eventually. I did.

Reviewed by KikyNez5 / 10

This is fine(?) but I prefer Reeker.

So, I juts watched this movie and I was like: "I've seen the 2023 down quality version of 'Reeker'"

Reeker is a 2005 movie, with a sequel 'No man's Land' in 2008. IT HAVE ALMOST THE SAME PLOT AND EXACTLY THE SAME PLOT TWIST.

I've read people calling "The Fearway" something in the lines of "Jeepers creepers meet Duel".


A lot of things, even if you haven't seen those two, are predictable since the beginning, "Oh, she's..." or "Ah,fork... those two are..." and I'm being vague, because you can fill the phrase with whatever you want in, and you'll guess everything that happen.

I knew how it would end since the two leading "hit" something on the road, get out of the car and they found "Ice". And it runs 1 hour and 17 mins. With ending credits (still felt too long)

What's different here from 'Reeker'?

SPOILER ALERT: The bar/rest place is a management site in between "worlds" , where the people who works there (and made a deal?) are connected to High Authority (name the Gods or the Moiras or whomever you want) and it have the weaker end I've seen. It was absolutely bland.

The acting is not bad, the actors do what they can with what they got. But there are three characters in minor subplot that were wasted, they were very good.

The Hunter was amazing, but (sadly) reminded me of The Creeper. The actor did pretty good though.

But the manager character was ... damn,I don't have a quality name for someone who's absolutely negated and contradicts himself between lines in the same scene.

The two leadings, as said, are good, but lack chemistry, sadly. And the age gap is more than evident, so line drop that they knew each other since high school (I don't recall exactly, but he says so) is not good.

I didn't understand why it was kept in script if you cast two leads with more than 10/15 years gap.

Subplots were wasted as well, specially the thing in the room.

So, here I go.

The best: good use of the desert and locations. Technically is pretty cool. The Hunter was fine, loved the actor.

The bad: script, the non coherent dialogue at time, the underused actors and subplots, and the ending.

The worst: the unoriginality.

Rate 5/10 (because I liked the Hunter and the film the technical parts).

I'll not recommend, I prefer "Reeker" hundred times.

Watch at your own risk.

We are all critics, but you have to watch to make a critic.

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