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The Gabby Petito Story



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Nikki SooHoo as Miranda
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Thora Birch as Nichole Schmidt
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Skyler Samuels as Gabby Petito
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yellowgrenade1 / 10

Didn't take long for Hollywood to cash in on this girls story.

This movie only serves to prove the fact that Hollywood is without morals.

This poor girl only died LAST YEAR in 2021, and there is already a movie about it, ONE year it took for some low life proeuction company to turn it her ruthless murder into entertainment. And that is all they've tried to do here.

This isn't some facutal documentary covering the details of a crime, this is a dramatised movie, for entetainment purposes. I dont see how anybody could watch this and not feel disgusted by its exsistance this soon aftere the event.

Everybody invovled in this movie should be ashamed of themselves. From the writer and directer, to the C and D list celebrities they bought cheap to play the roles. Shame on everybody. I bet nobody invovled would like to see a cheap movie being made about the murder of their own kid only a year after they had been burtally murdered. Disgusting. That's all it is.

Reviewed by julieshotmail3 / 10

Hastily put together and the quality shows

Why this movie needs to be made in break-neck speed without the approval of the victim's family is beyond me. At some point, some form of dramatization is understandable as Gabby's story somehow has captured the world and there are very important lessons to be learned. But spitting out this movie in a mere 8 months after Brian's notebook discovery is in extremely poor taste. Have some respect and give the family time to heal and ensure that they are involved in any future movie decisions. And it goes without saying that allowing sufficient time to lapse before releasing such a production could only help with the quality and accuracy of it. Instead, we get this cheesy Lifetime rendition which is basically a mimicry of millions-viewed police bodycam videos and Instagram photos, while it fills in the gaps with mere speculation of what could have happened. It is also annoying how genders and races of cops and lawyers are changed for no good reason. And the victim Gabby's portrayal is cringe throughout, while I hate to admit that the actor portraying the perpetrator Brian seems spot-on in his performance. Three stars for that effort - he has the same look, same voice, same awkward body language, and convincing unpredictable rage.

Reviewed by lavatch8 / 10

The Story That Riveted A Nation

The time is August 12, 2021. The place is Moab, Utah. Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie are pulled over in their little white van by the police due to a domestic conflict phoned into a 911 line. There has been much controversy over whether the Utah police acted properly. Their instruction to the couple was to spend the night separately and not in the van. Some believe that a citation should have been issued. But it is difficult to understand what more the police could have done in this situation.

The filmmakers approached the Moab scene by faithfully recreating the dialogue exchanged by the police with Gabby and Brian, who were interviewed separately. The scene is representative of the entire approach to the film that seeks to accurately present a deeply troubled relationship. The casting and the performances were so lifelike that the film almost approached a documentary style.

One of the most challenging parts of the film was in how to interpret the character of Brian Laundrie. The filmmakers chose to portray him with a low IQ when it came to interpersonal relationships. He took meds for a "chemical imbalance." He had a jealous streak. He may have been a talented artist, but his work was apparently disturbing. And he was not very career minded; Gabby's friend Rose referred to him as "bummer boy."

And Brian was also inordinately insecure. In high school, he did not feel that he was worthy of asking Gabby for a date. And when they connected after high school, he could not really believe why Gabby would give him a chance. One of Gabby's bloggers wrote, "Why don't you dump the cue ball?" The audience had the same question. Arguably, the best performance was that of the actor assigned the daunting task of playing Brian.

The surreal scene of Brian driving the van back to Florida ALONE and the Laundrie family's unwillingness to cooperate with the authorizes was also well presented. It might be said that Brian deserves the opportunity to answer questions and tell his side of the story. But he in effect relinquished that privilege when he took his own life in the Carlton Nature Preserve.

There was some breathtaking cinematography of the American heartland and the Rockies during the infamous cross-country trip. The beautiful natural environment was juxtaposed with the sordid and disintegrating relationship of Gabby and Brian. At Spread Creek in the Teton National Forest Campground, the filmmakers constructed an intense dialogue in the hypothetical final conversation of Gabby and Brian. As with all of the artistic choices in this film, it was an eerily convincing coda to an unbearably sad story.

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