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The Godfather of Green Bay


Action / Comedy

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Lauren Holly Photo
Lauren Holly as Molly Mahoney
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Tony Goldwyn as Big Jake Norquist
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Lance Barber as Kenny Caruso
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by makte10 / 10

This film is hilarious!!!

Non-stop laughs throughout this Sideways meets Fargo type buddy movie. Its filled with original, colorful characters that you end up loving by the end. The main character is full of quick lines, but really plays the straight man to a dine and dash buddy who pulls him back to his hometown in a backdoor attempt to get on the Tonight Show. The characters in the town of Pine Lake really make the film. Dug, played by Thomas Lennon, steals every scene he is in. Ratboy, is the funniest character of all with his brilliant facial expressions and love of hunting. The Godfather's creepy but ridiculous fascination with the Macarena will make you bust out laughing. You begin to see the whole town the way the main character does, at first skeptical and weird and by the end laughing at everything. This movie is guaranteed to make you laugh.

Reviewed by BenWydeven5 / 10

To the 1 star reviewist- my ten cents

Are you a bitter out of work filmmaker or something? Granted, this movie was not quite as good as people on suggest, but you make it sound like its completely pointless - it's not.

Pete Shawba is a first time director and this story has been stated as being autobiographical. The film was in fact shot in Marinette, Wisconsin for less than a million dollars, and as a filmmaker, I thought many things were impressive, not extraordinary, not bad.

One of the things you have to consider when you make a low budget movie is that you will have many unknown or first time actors appearing in the movie either underperforming, overperforming, or surprise you and hit it right on. The Godfather of Green Bay did that.

The biases you're referring to are people from Marinette who recognized many of the locations (I'm from Marinette as well but I try to remain on neutral ground.) There were some things that I did not like: the overuse of the Macarena, the emphasis of stereotypes and the overall low budget feel when the bartender announces that Rocktoberfest has begun- it seems as if this event only takes place in a small bar, where a field full of campers, stages, and drunk Wisconsinites would be more appropriate. Instead we get the later, which if you're like me (An indie filmmaker),the lack of depth is forgivable.

As for Lauren Holly and other name actors appearing in the film, they all performed well and kudos for appearing in a film that obvious isn't mainstream and paying for a second home in Hollywood.

Last word: This movie, for the first time in movie history, shows Northeastern Wisconsin in bloom of fall, capturing the beauty of the tree along the highways near Marinette. I was please to recognize many locations (Mickey Lu's and Trade Winds in Marinette, the playground on the Menominee, MI Marina with the library in the background. I loved seeing Wisconsin on film and I was pleased to see that someone other than myself has made a movie in Marinette.

5 out of 10.

Reviewed by SillyPuddy1 / 10

Like a cheap sales pitch

Believe it or not, I'm not a bitter, out of work filmmaker; just someone who thinks this unfunny movie is only worth a star. Whether this movie is pointless or not, it wasn't good and didn't work for me. That is terrific that it is shot in Marinette in fall no less but it doesn't make this any less of a failure. Being an Indie fan I have no problem at all with unknown, first time actors as long as they are interesting, likable, and/or funny. The two leads were not any of that as the dialog fell flat. They were actually criminals who like to eat for free. Isn't that funny? Look, they just did it again! Then they hit a guy for more laughs. I love how the cover dangles Goldwyn and Holly and then subjects us to the two awful leads instead. The only redeeming quality is the beautiful setting. I don't blame the citizens of the town one bit for getting joy out of that as there is plenty to be proud of. I just wish the movie did it more justice.

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