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The Good Nanny


Action / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled43%
IMDb Rating5.210604


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Ellen Hollman Photo
Ellen Hollman as Lily Walsh
Briana Evigan Photo
Briana Evigan as Summer Pratt
Tatyana Ali Photo
Tatyana Ali as Monica Thorne
Noemi Gonzalez Photo
Noemi Gonzalez as Marie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rdhoran2 / 10

Keep a strong drink close by

Every time the parents appeared, they were so annoying I wanted to jump into the screen and throttle them. Just, please!, stop talking. Hollman could not act her way out of an imaginary paper bag. Maybe its the horrible script, but I felt like my IQ was dropping every moment watching this. And hello, who wears a three piece suit anymore? OK, maybe at work, if you're an uber rich hipster, which is apparently what the husband is supposed to be, in between highballs.

Avoid at almost any cost.

Reviewed by The Couchpotatoes4 / 10

Television movie, and not a good one

This movie has been made to be a television movie. It just shows in about everything, aspecially the cuttings between the commercials. The acting is not terrible but it's certainly not good either, sometimes it looks very amateuristic. The soundtrack is everything you expect when thinking about a television movie, very dull, it's almost like they did it on purpose to make the little suspense there was to disappear. The editing is also clearly done by amateurs. I gave The Good Nanny or Nanny's Nightmare or whatever title you want to give it a four star rating just because there was some mystery and that's about it. The end is also exactly what you expect with a movie like this one, boring and not well done nor acted.

Reviewed by thanveeralisayed6 / 10

good suspense thriller

Well i had few guesses while was watching it about what will be it. I am happy that none of them came true. this what happens when you get it from movie that is rated low. yeah 5 is enough for most of the people but i gave 6 cause it just entertained me. my guesses was some times based the movies i have watched already iam glad that it didn't end up in cliché. the movie is dramatic most of the time doesn't have so many thrilling movement or chasing like that.

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