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The Gospel


Adventure / Drama / Family / Fantasy / Music

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Idris Elba Photo
Idris Elba as Reverend Charles Frank
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Sierra Aylina McClain as Youth in Children's Choir
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Sean Nelson as Young Frank
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sethn17210 / 10

A feel-good film. Why the negativity?

Why is movie given such bad reviews? Why is a movie as nice as "The Gospel" considered bad by most users? Why is this movie given so much negative opinions? Why do so many movie people shun this film oh-so-much? Why are people even crazy enough to not even like this movie that is so nice, so uplifting, and so friendly that we Christians and many families come together to watch this highly-approved film? Why? Why? Why? Because people need a reality check. Because people need to watch more nice movies like this often. Because most people need better morals. Because people need better outlooks on movies as nice as these.

And guess what? I am not one of these unlucky persons that qualify!

Reviewed by gradyharp5 / 10

The Prodigal Son...with terrific music!

There is something about THE GOSPEL that makes you want to like it: some fine actors (Boris Kodjoe, Idris Elba, Clifton Powell, Tamyra Gray, Aloma Wright, Nona Gaye) and some really terrific gospel singing. Writer/director Rob Hardy stretches the biblical tale of the Prodigal Son to the updated story of the son of a bishop of an evangelical church who runs away to become a R&B singing star only to return to his father when cancer of the prostate signals the end of his life. The 'other' son has inherited the mantle of the bishop with special interests deflecting his commitment to the bishop's origins and the Prodigal Son finally finds acceptance in offering his talents to further the original dream of his father.

The script is conversationally pedestrian but the actors do their best to make credible characters. There is a sense of commitment from the cast of extras that leaves a warm afterglow, but in the end this is a slight story saved by some fine music. Grady Harp, January 05

Reviewed by woodyteegra-17 / 10

Top Notch Gospel

Its saddening that a lot of people have just voted '1' just to ruin the rating of this film on IMDb. I doubt if anyone really believes it is that bad as there are very few films (that I have chosen to watch) I would give ratings below 2. Equally a few people have given it 10 to counteract the 1's sadly they are out numbered. I have rated it 7 as I believe it had its highlights but also a few shortcomings.

I don't think you need to be a Christian to watch the film and not even black (I can remember seeing only one white character that spent more than two seconds on screen, what a change). One requirement might be to enjoy music though.

The film starts with a very good mass choir rendition of a popular gospel tune 'Our God is an Awesome God' (has about 5 minutes of screen time over the opening credits) and later there are at least 2 other performances of equal duration. Sadly the performance by Fred Hammmond of Commissioned fame was interspersed with acting. There was also singing from Yolanda Adams and Tamyra Grey (former American idol contestant).

As the story opens, Pastor Fred Taylor has a thriving church in Atlanta which his son David is leading in praise and worship. David's mother dies and he blames Fred for never being there for them. David leaves the church and 15 years later becomes a successful R&B Singer with a hit on the charts called "Let Me Undress You." David's friend, Rev Charles Frank (Idris Elba)who was also in youth ministry stays behind at the church becomes an associate minister and is now in line to take over the church which happens to now be having financial problems.

Pastor Fred develops cancer and David returns home to be with his dad and the rest of the film focuses on his internal dilemma whether he should focus on his music career or the church and the leadership battle between Frank - who has now developed a great ego - and Associate Pastor Terrance Hunter (Donnie McClurkin).

Boris Kodjoe (once voted as one of the 50 most beautiful people on the planet) was very good in the lead role as David Taylor however there were a few areas where his acting came across as being stiff when he was out of his comfort zone. I was impressed by his acting when he was leading the choir. Omar Gooding was also excellent as the Manager/sidekick. Other members of the cast were very good including Idris Elba, Clifton Powell and Donnie McClurkin.

The movie attempted to explore church politics in a very realistic way, however I was a bit disappointed at the sudden reversal of Frank. (Perhaps it will be explored further in the deleted scenes on the DVD. (And to the reviewer from earlier - yes some of us do want to see the deleted scenes).

I must admit I don't see links to the fighting temptations as that was mainly a comedy and this was a powerful drama.

My main criticism is that they tried too hard to give the film a happy ending that would please all but it didn't strike me as being very realistic. Overall though a very good film worth watching.

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