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The Grandson


Action / Drama / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Valolj9 / 10

A thriller with humor and a big heart

I absolutely loved it. I personally thought the writing was excellent, I was biting my nails the whole time, and I really felt deeply for the characters too. We also laughed quite a lot, the old actors are AMAZING. It's definitely worth a watch, finally a Hungarian film that's worth the ticket!!

Reviewed by nemesalex-5401110 / 10

Emotional drama, exciting thriller, authentic description of a society

The first thing I want to emphasize is the realism that is not at all typical of Hollywood movies. The characters almost climbed off the canvas, their reaction in each situation is so authentic. The process of police administration, the faded hospital, etc. Are also not idealized. Typical Hungary. The storytelling is also excellent, cliché-free, not silly audience-friendly, but not self-serving. Perfect balance. Nowhere did I feel like one scene was following another because the screenwriter kept here in the story, when the lunch break had just begun. The movie keeps you watching it and doesn't let go, due to both the bigger things that cover the whole movie and the little details.

The movie is so much like Raiders of Justice, Prisoners, and Fincher's works. As a thriller, the story is interesting and dramaturgical, the characters also work very well, such an emotional creation. The last time I felt on the Dune was that a creator wanted to make his film, he didn't just consider it a correct industrial job.

I think we're a couple of that, but many times I almost saw my grandfather on canvas. "There's no big trouble, just a lot of little ones" is a lifelike catchphrase that I can easily imagine that the writer-director's grandfather always said.

I would like to praise the cinematographer and the actors. Of course the director as well. My two favorite scenes were when Rudi was loading the gun while listening to Zsuzsi's voice message. Very effective. The other one is Grandpa's phone conversation. It's amazing for both the director and the actor to be able to do it all with minimal cuts, it's all much more livable.

To summarize, an uppercase movie experience for a person with high IQ and EQ. According to Nimród Antal, a film can be both very enjoyable for the audience and critically acclaimed. I totally agree, and Kristof Deak's film is a perfect example of that. I'm glad I have seen Retroshock's recommendation, and I've persuaded my friends to watch this movie as well. I'm gland we've financially supported such a demanding movie to succeed with the price of a few movie tickets, I hope there may be more of these in the future. On behalf of all viewers, I thank the entire staff for this experience.

Reviewed by gyuriba3 / 10

Soul-less yawn fest that will leave you looking for your own watch

The movie is bad. It isn't awful, but it is bad. It's like a group of over-eager drama kids got together with their grandparents during the holidays and decided to put on a production. Yes, it authentically displays the shortcomings of Hungarian social infrastructure, but that seems more inadvertent than purposeful.

The movie is simply not entertaining. The story is horribly unrealistic. The fight scene embarrassing. The wounds heal too quickly. The treatment of guns in Budapest is laughable.

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