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The Great Texas Dynamite Chase


Action / Comedy / Crime / Drama / Romance

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Oliver Clark as Officer Andy
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Priscilla Pointer as Miss Harris
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Claudia Jennings as Candy Morgan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Woodyanders9 / 10

Another delightfully down'n'dirty Claudia Jennings 70's drive-in gem

Late, great 70's drive-in movie queen Claudia Jennings is at her brassy, sassy and smoking sexy best as Candy Morgan, a kittenishly irreverent prison escapee who teams up with saucy former bank teller Ellie-Jo Turner (winningly played by the very pretty and appealing Jocelyn Jones of "Tourist Trap" fame) and goes on an eventful crime spree, robbing banks and breaking hunky guys' hearts with equally joyful abandon. Directed with considerable verve by Michael Pressman, buoyed by a zippy, banjo-happy score by Craig ("Nightmares," "Warning Sign") Safan, further sparked by a cheerfully lowbrow sensibility and featuring a sidesplitting cameo by the ever-haughty Stefan ("Blue Sunshine," "Blood Beach") Gierasch as a stuffy hotel clerk who tries to refuse Claudia and Jocelyn a room, this extremely brash, funny and spirited hoot rates as a whole lot of top-rate infectiously trashy fun. The copious gratuitous nudity by the tall, slender, breathtakingly beautiful blonde Claudia and the more diminutive, but still comely and enticing Jocelyn constitutes as another substantial plus. Overall, this baby is an absolute must-see for Claudia Jennings fans in particular and aficionados of blithely amoral cheapo 70's redneck crime epics in general, which hopefully doesn't rule out too many folks.

Reviewed by sunznc7 / 10

Attractive actors and good acting

Starring the late, great Claudia Jennings and the very interesting Jocelyn Jones. The film has a very simple, straightforward story-2 girls rob banks using sticks of dynamite to force the tellers to hand over the cash. They then hit the road in a stolen car to do the same thing all over again somewhere else.

The film actually has some very unique ideas. I won't give those away here. What is the interest in this film though? Why has it become a cult film? I think the answer is the actors. Claudia Jennings photographed very well. Jocelyn Jones has a good screen presence in everything she does-a sort of innocence and Johnny Crawford looks very good on camera. Let's be honest here: what woman or gay man doesn't look at Johnny nude on film and find him very attractive. And a surprise-we actually see a quick glimpse of male genitalia from two different men here. Something that most actors don't allow especially once they've made a name for themselves. So, attractive actors, good acting and some chase scenes that really hold your attention, I can see why there is still interest in this.

Sure, nothing too deep here but it is obvious that Claudia Jenning's short shorts inspired the "Daisy Dukes" costume and I would imagine that the idea for Thelma and Louise was born out of a viewing of this film. It's not bad. I think most people will probably enjoy it.

Reviewed by wes-connors7 / 10

Coming Before "Thelma and Louise"

Busting out of prison, sexy blonde Claudia Jennings (as Candy Morgan) gets out of her jumpsuit and robs a small Texas bank, with lighted sticks of dynamite. Ms. Jennings is assisted by sexy blonde bank teller Jocelyn Jones (as Ellie-Jo Turner),who has just been fired for "total lack of character." Lingering in bed with men causes Ms. Jones to be late for work. Later, Jennings picks up Jones hitchhiking. The two tightly outfitted women decide to team-up and become a modern day "Bonnie and Clyde" (or "Bonnie and Bonnie"). They meet ex-"Riflemen" cowboy Johnny Crawford (as Slim) robbing a convenience store, and take him hostage. Knowing good gigs when he sees them, Mr. Crawford makes the dynamite duo a threesome.

This is an excellent "exploitation" flick, thanks to the deft comic performances of the stars, and sneaky direction by Michael Pressman. Jennings and Jones are fantastic (both as a duo and a quartet). Jennings, who so sadly died in a car crash, was rumored to be considered for "Charlie's Angles" (replacing the departing Kate Jackson); and here, she looks like a combination of Farah Fawcett-Majors and Shelley Hack. All of these women had a refreshingly natural, sexy look. Lip and breast injections were not needed. Crawford provides a perfect male attachment for the women, with "Dark Shadows" star Chris Pennock (as Jake) and lucky bellhop Eric Boles (as Johnny) also appearing. And, all three men show off their nakedness, too.

The film is a success while it stays fun and sexy. You see a lot of explosions during the running time, but without the relative bloodiness, which helps keep the tone light. Generally speaking, everyone runs away before something blows up. All of this is tossed aside for a scene involving Crawford, Jennings and a couple of cops. Then, the film's tone changes too sharply. Also, the scene (you'll know it when you see it) looks fake. Too bad it wasn't better when it got bad, but when "The Great Texas Dynamite Chase" is good, it's very, very good. Having met Crawford and Pennock, and not mentioned this film, you guys should be proud. Hope it was as fun as it looks. (Hey CP, looking forward to "FB part 2" and your "Big Finish" debut.)

******* The Great Texas Dynamite Chase (7/76) Michael Pressman ~ Claudia Jennings, Jocelyn Jones, Johnny Crawford, Christopher Pennock

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