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The Long, Long Trailer


Comedy / Romance

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Charles Herbert Photo
Charles Herbert as Little Boy
Howard McNear Photo
Howard McNear as Joe Hittaway
Lucille Ball Photo
Lucille Ball as Tacy Collini
Marjorie Main Photo
Marjorie Main as Mrs. Hittaway
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

Desi and Lucy

Tacy (Lucille Ball) and Nicholas Collini (Desi Arnaz) are engaged to be married. She is concerned that his work forces him to move constantly and she suggests getting a mobile trailer home. What starts as an easy alternative turns into a series of complications.

Lucy and Desi are in the middle of their I Love Lucy run and at the height of their comedic power. The husband wife dynamics remain the same. Desi is doing more of the physical humor although Lucy gets plenty muddy. A flaky Lucy is funnier than a flustered Desi. She should be less level-headed for the comedy. Her cooking in a moving trailer is probably the highlight. There is natural beauty and they do a little singing. Overall, there is general mayhem and some fun. A fan of the TV show would probably love this.

Reviewed by sddavis636 / 10

Lucy And Desi Make A Movie

In the midst of their wildly successful run through "I Love Lucy," Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz made a movie. In "The Long, Long Trailer" they play newlyweds Nicky and Tacy. Nicky's job apparently requires him to travel a lot, and Tacy comes up with the idea of buying a trailer as their new home so that she can accompany him wherever he goes - and what a trailer. It's a beast. It's huge. And Tacy doesn't seem to understand the challenge involved in pulling the thing around the country.

The basic story revolves around the fact that the purchase of this trailer almost destroys Nicky and Tacy's new marriage. Much of the humour in this revolves around the trials of driving with the trailer hooked to the car. The movie for the most part lacks the slapstick kind of humour that "I Love Lucy" was famous for - with perhaps the exception of a scene in which Tacy tries to cook in the trailer while Nicky is driving. Watching Nicky try to back the trailer into the driveway of Tacy's uncle and aunt's house and almost destroying the house is also quite funny. Otherwise, the humour is lower key than you'd expect, and the movie is sometimes even tense. The scenes in which Nicky has to pull the trailer up a long and windy mountain road is actually rather unsettling.

This certainly isn't as good as "I Love Lucy" but in its own way it's fun, and lets us see Lucy and Desi doing something a little different. (6/10)

Reviewed by Lechuguilla10 / 10

Marriage On The Rocks

"The Long, Long Trailer" is a thoroughly enjoyable "vehicle" for a nostalgic trip back to the talents of Desi and Lucy. Desi, eager to please, gives in to Lucy, as she dreams of, and schemes for, a life on wheels, only to find that soaring dreams can come crashing down to reality faster than rocks crashing down a mountainside. The result for the viewer is back and forth laughs and empathy.

The comedy centers on Desi and Lucy. But secondary characters are funny too. Marjorie Main is terrific as the too helpful mother hen. And the overly enthusiastic trailer brakes man is a hoot. "Trailer brakes first, trailer brakes first. These are your trailer blinker lights ... There's your trailer stop light. Now put your blinker lights on. Left. Right. Trailer brakes. Car brakes. Lights. Left. Right. Trailer brakes. Car brakes. OK, let's go". Funny stuff.

The film is mostly comedy, of course. But it also has tension. In the mountain scenes, cinematography and sound override script. Here, the visual perspective of depth and distance combine with sounds of falling rocks and screeching brakes to create a sense of apprehension. Truly, Director Vincente Minnelli knew how to make effective films.

Unlike the trailer, the film is somewhat lightweight. But there are times when you don't want to watch a movie with a ponderous plot or heavy-duty message with "meaning". Lucy and Desi's talent was comedy, not Shakespeare. "The Long, Long Trailer", fluff that it is, is good fluff. It is funny (dramatic too),absorbing, and cinematically well made. And with a breezy musical score, what more could you want?

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