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The Murder Pact


Mystery / Thriller

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Alexa PenaVega Photo
Alexa PenaVega as Camille
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Beau Mirchoff as Will LaSalle
John Heard Photo
John Heard as John LaSalle
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Ethan Phillips as Professor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by edwagreen6 / 10


The preppies are at it again. In reality, the death of the fellow student was accidental, pictures taken or not.

The film definitely had promise with the 4 remaining students becoming a pact in that they would not expose anything.

The film went awry at the end. Our picture taker was certainly not everything that she pretended to be.

It is also difficult to fathom the idea that the girl would take such revenge on her boyfriend for the Broadway interview that she had.

The boyfriend, with his contacts, appears to look like some monster.

The film had promise as it depicted the mistrust the friends begin to have with each other.

If only it had ended better.

Reviewed by lavatch8 / 10

Beware of the Cyclopian Eye

Loosely based on Edgar Allen Poe's famous short story "The Tell-Tale Heart," "The Murder Pact" tells the story of four bratty college students who form a secret compact to withhold details from the police about the death of a fellow student named Heidi, who toppled over a terrace to her death.

The ringleader of the brats is Will LaSalle, the son of a business tycoon, who hopes to head up the family corporation after the death of his father. Will wants to avoid revealing to the public that Heidi was pregnant with his child at the time he was standing next to her and possibly nudged her over the terrace railing. Will enlists his friends in the compact and masterminds the death of Lisa, a fellow student, who had photographed them at the scene of Heidi's death.

Roderick is the rower on the crew team who is among the most spineless of the conspirators. He cracks under the pressure of keeping the secret. His girlfriend Annabel (Bels) also begins to cave in due to a case of the guilts. Bels is a dancer who lost 65 pounds and had a tummy tuck. But she lacks the fortitude to keep a secret, especially when a zealous police detective begins to ask questions.

The conspirator closest in temperament to Will is her girlfriend Camille (Cam). An aspiring actress, Cam uses her influence from Will's family to get her an audition for a Broadway play. The film is cleverly framed by two auditions of Cam with the same New York producer.

Things come to a head in a lavish masquerade ball thrown by Will. The film is worth watching for the final ten minutes, as the filmmakers pull out all the stops for a surprise ending. A personal physical trait of Will was his enormous, misshaped blue left eyeball. He is extremely sensitive about this condition and constantly inserts contacts to counteract being "a side show." But, by the end of the film, that big, blue eyeball is on full display as Will experiences a reversal of roles for the first time in his life in an ending worthy of Edgar Allen Poe.

Reviewed by phd_travel7 / 10

Things come together

This Lifetime thriller seems a bit deja vu at first - a bit 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' thing. But there is a clever conclusion twist that makes sense and saves the story. Some college kids get blackmailed after one of their friends falls off a balcony so they decide to get rid of the blackmailer. But then you can guess - things aren't over for them yet.

The production is a bit more glossy than typical Lifetime. The cast is quite good too. Beau Mirchoff is suited to the rich player. Alexa Vega looks prettier here than in the 'Tomorrow People'. Renee Olstead of 'Secret Life' isn't quite slim enough to play a ballerina.

Since the ending is clever, it's worth watching.

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