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Michael O'Hearn as Cop 1
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Rich Rotella as Richie Sambora
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G.W. Bailey as Mr. Hodgkinson
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Kevin Nash as Merkhaus' Dad
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SDCowgirl19918 / 10

A Pleasant Surprise

When I heard the log line "fraternity pledges baby" I rolled my eyes. When I saw the box art with the "Hangover" baby I rolled my eyes again. But as a lover of comedy I gave the movie a chance and loved it. It was very fresh, very unique, and very funny. The script avoids all of the cliché things you expect to see in the played out college movie genre and the usually stupid baby movie genre. There are no tasteless gags. No scenes where the guys struggle to change a diaper or the pointless obstacles that sidetrack the narrative. No scenes of unnecessary nudity, and despite the "R" rating, it was actually very, very PG-13, and relative to most "R" comedies, very tasteful. Overall, this may not be the best comedy of 2012, but in a year that hasn't produced many great comedies, this is on my short list of films that will hold up, and more importantly it's SMART. This has everything it needs to be a cult classic!

Reviewed by Doppenheimer9 / 10

Excellent story with unexpected Outcome

Light and fun story with a twist takes a story line that is expected and transforms it into an enjoyable well done film appropriate for all. Well thought out, excellent acting and a strong cast makes this all work. Technically done very well with excellent professional scene development and editing. I would recommend this film to all. I expected a repeat of three men and a baby and was surprised to have a well developed story creatively executed. Bravo to the team that put this on and to the story developers. Loved to see Frau as principal. Editing was sharp and smart! I would love to see a follow on ! I generally think these plots head into trouble that leaves an uncomfortable childish feeling. This film masterfully avoided the usual pitfalls and created both the mystery of who's baby was it but of the deception of the other frat house. it is in this process that the film shows creativity and a genuine plot that stands on it's own. Editing of shots is tight and smart without gaps or scenes that detour the story. All in all very professional job and would recommend this to others.

Reviewed by garycbelleville1 / 10

is there something I just simply not seeing.

I wrote a review for a different film yesterday and stated that if you were to put on a kid happy face and watch the movie you would really enjoy it. I read both reviews for this movie and guess what, I don't get it. I tried watching this lightly, I mean as a child would do, not trying to pick out errors, or faults just sat down and tried really hard to enjoy, but I couldn't. This movie just doesn't do it for me. I read in a review that this was a surprise after another and very well done. Me six year old son told me everything that was going to happen before it did and he had not seen it before. Everything was completely predicable. The script was original for sure. For a two year old. I hate writing something negative about a film but sometimes you just have to say the truth and deal with it. The acting was.....well you know when someone is trying, really trying to play a role but he just doesn't fit the part. and to compensate he starts to over act. Well every single actor does this except for one. The best out of all actors. That would be the baby of course. There is actually one scene were I watch and both actors involved actually made be believe in them for that very short scene. The scene was when the omega kid hits on his buddy's hot mom in the kitchen. That 10 second interaction between the two actually looked real for there characters.

Sometimes a movie can be so stupid that it is actually that fact that makes it so funny. Not here, not by a long shot. I won't say don't watch it ,I'll let you decide. But if you do decide to watch it please come back and tell me where I went wrong. What should I have done differently in order not to view this in a negative way, if at all possible.

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