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The Origin of Evil

2022 [FRENCH]

Drama / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

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Reviewed by AvionPrince167 / 10

Identity theft and greed

A more or less convincing film but it takes a long time to put together! Too verbal and the film for me is too explicit and not very subtle: whether it's the reactions of the actresses, the music and questions that come out of nowhere (the question of Stéphane's identity which is called into question because the woman has rummaged through her belongings seemed completely illogical to me. Otherwise the surprises are there but once they questioned her identity: we already knew that she was not her daughter (well I knew). On the other hand the fact that she changed her identity with the other woman in prison - Serge's real daughter and that she didn't know about was a nice surprise I admit. Justifies the excessive violence of women and insults that I find on the contrary does not create any atmosphere but simply awkwardness. I was convinced by certain things (greed, the real motivation of Serge's false daughter the fact of to do without the consent of her real daughter with whom she has sexual relations) and much less in other aspects (music, characters who are not very complex apart from the false daughter of Serge and Stephane precisely, the others are there as a reason for accusation, false leads and complicity in the murder of Serge.) I found the plot to tilt more towards identity theft than the women who want his money and who act as accusations even if it is mentioned on several occasions. I am quite disappointed all the same, even though there are still quite strong scenes (the death of Serge by his fake daughter and the complicity of one of the women to cover her up, the murder also of the Real Stephane, as well as the investigators who reveal at the very end in front of the whole family the real identity and the fact that she stole the identity of the girl all this time, the false testimony of the false girl before the jurors and therefore the surprise of the testimony) I still find it good tied up and offers beautiful moments: I found the scenes of nudity pleasant: the women and their bodies are honored in the film on many occasions. Very sensual. A film definitely worth watching.

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