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The Padre


Action / Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled34%
IMDb Rating5.8101608

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Tim Roth Photo
Tim Roth as The Padre
Luis Guzmán Photo
Luis Guzmán as Gaspar
Nick Nolte Photo
Nick Nolte as Nemes
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lavatch7 / 10

Lively "Buddy" Film with Well-Developed Characters

"The Padre" was an engaging buddy film that brought together the improbable pairing of a man on the run from a U.S. Marshal, who disguises himself as a priest, and a young "orphan" who trying to leave Colombia to reunite with her sister in Minnesota. The faux priest needs to get out of town in a hurry, and the orphan named Lena is all to willing to be his accomplice.

This modest film was shot in a sepia glaze that works effectively for the hardscrabble existence being portrayed as the priest and the orphan take to the road and attempt to evade their pursuers. The crusty and embittered U.S. Marshal (Nick Nolte) and his unwilling local police deputy (Luis Guzmán) are the hapless losers tracking the clever runaways. But the film really belongs to Tim Roth's priest and Valeria Henríquez's Lena.

Early in the film, three essential social issues are raised by Lena, who felt betrayed by "the church, white men, money." But the film never delves deeply into how the church orphanage or those who placed her sister in a family in Minnesota led her to feel betrayed. It is not even revealed how or why the two sisters were separated. Instead, the mood is kept light with the banter between the wily priest and Lena.

While "The Padre" is not a great film, it was nonetheless a well-paced trifle that was held together by the carefully delineated characters.

Reviewed by imseeg6 / 10

Could have needed some more pepper and salt...

The good: the actors starring in it are proven solid performers. The photography is decent. The story (in theory) is promising, BUT...

The bad: this movie desperately needs some spark and punch, which it is lacking of, big time. Not much action, no real thrill, no drama and it aint funny either.

Not bad, simply lacking some spices to heat this movie up.

Reviewed by fmwongmd5 / 10

Saved by the actors

And otherwise dismal story which doesn't make a lot of sense and has a lot of Banal scenes , is saved by the actors . Tim Roth,Luis Guzman,Nick Nolte are noteworthy.

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