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The Redemption of Henry Myers



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eutawangel10 / 10

Amazing...Inspiring, and Uplifting

This movie, is truly empowering. Who doesn't love a great western-with a touching, and powerful message that allows for change, and forgiveness. This movie should inspire everyone to know... that no matter what despicable things we've done in our past, that we don't have to be a prisoner for our indiscretions. ***This is must see*** So gather your entire family, with your favorite snacks, and settle in with a box of Kleenex. If, this movie does not touch you in some way, then one may need to do some serious-self analyzing.

It provided great acting, drama, action, and some funny scenes as well.. Here's a tip, if there is currently some sort of drama within yourself, or your household, watch this film, and see how your atmosphere will change from chaotic to calm.

This is one for the archives. I will rate this movie a 12, and I have my own personal reasons for that score, but a 12 is truly under-rating this film. I loved it!!! So, enjoy, you will not be disappointed. Wonder Who...did not have to be a scary cat, this time.

Reviewed by BigJohnPilgrim7 / 10

Hallmark hits the mark with a faith-based movie

The dialog is at times a little corny ("He drew down on that snake with his rifle, Ma!"),and the young girl's poor western folk accent and way of talking is a little too forced, but this is an earnest movie that faithfully represents the Christian message of redemption and forgiveness with a moving tale of love.

Henry helps rob a bank but doesn't want bloodshed, and of course it happens anyhow. He accidentally kills a preacher who gives him his miniature Bible before he dies and tells Henry that he can change.

After a year on the run, Henry's past catches up to him and he is wounded, and finds refuge with a widow and her two children. They turn out to be the family of the preacher that Henry killed, and the dilemma ensues. Torn between his great crime and growing love for the family, Henry is a tormented man and must decide if he accepts the gift of grace.

It is sad to note that at least one viewer has unleashed hatred of Christianity. Why one would bother to show such bigotry is beyond me, but it says much more about the reviewer than the movie. This is a rare movie in which not only is the name of Jesus invoked, but hymns naming Jesus are sung (and beautifully at that). You have to admire their bravery in the face of all the Hollywood and liberal hating, to produce such a movie and not back down from content that will draw the ire of the haters.

The movie moved me enough to rate 7 stars. With more polished actors and production it might have fared better. Great family movie that will leave you feeling good, especially if you are a person of faith.

Reviewed by pmunger-269-7197177 / 10

The Way Westerns should be done

Westerns have faded somewhat in popularity in recent years, but I think when done well, they can really shine. The Redemption of Henry Myers is one such example of how it should be done.

Is it possible for men to change? To find hope after falling so far? That's what the movie explores, providing a very enjoyable movie experience. The sets look great, and the story keeps up a steady pace. Both Drew Waters and Erin Bethea rise to the occasion and turn in solid, heart-moving performances. I love the twists and turns the movie takes and it gives a very satisfying ending.

I also appreciate the way that the violence was handled. Modern-day Westerns can quickly spiral out of control, but director Clayton Miller exercises wise restraint in what is shown and not shown.

Well done Echolight! Please continue to make great movies that families can enjoy together!

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