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The Salvage Gang


Adventure / Family

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Wilfrid Brambell Photo
Wilfrid Brambell as The Tramp
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by plan9910 / 10

A superb CFF effort.

I failed to recognise Fraser Hines but did recognise Wilfred Bramble. One of the best CFF films that I've seen so far with a very unusual plot with great performances from everyone. Seeing a lot of London as it was was a bonus. Well worth a watch.

Reviewed by malcolmgsw6 / 10

London the way it was in 1957

This film was made by the Children's Film Foundation.They were made by the British film industry to show on Saturday morning to the Children's matinée only.The actors and technicians all worked for scale.So there were famous names both behind and in front of the camera.The tramp who went to sleep on the bed looked familiar.It was not till the end credits that I realised that it was Wilfred Brambell.However the most interesting aspect of this film is the route taken by the children as they push the bed.We see the city the way it was after the blitz but before the reconstruction.Worth viewing if only for that.A cheerful story which would have kept the kids interested.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca7 / 10

Short, snappy, funny

A likable early effort from the Children's Film Foundation production company. This 50-dd minute black and white outing has recently seen air time thanks to the efforts of the UK Talking Pictures TV channel, which has been showing a whole back catalogue of selected produce.

This one's a typical effort that sees a likable group of kids going out of their way to correct a wrong (in this case, to replace a damaged saw blade). To this end, they take on a series of odd jobs in the seemingly deserted streets of London, only to hit upon the idea of becoming a salvage gang, i.e. collecting scrap iron for cash. Hijinks and hilarity ensue in equal measure.

I find that there's very little to dislike about CFF films and THE SALVAGE GANG is no exception. Most importantly, the main cast members are likable, particularly Ali Allen. Watch out for future DR WHO companion Frazer Hines in an early appearance. Much of the humour comes from what turns out to be a comedy of errors, with plenty of slapstick humour and amusingly over the top turns from the supporting adult players. Eagle-eyed viewers may spot Wilfrid Brambell, typecast even at this stage of his career as a tramp.

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