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The Spaniard's Curse



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Michael Hordern as Mr. Justice Manton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by legendjr10 / 10

I Love this Film

'The Spaniard's Curse' is no masterpiece, its an easily forgotten 'thriller' with an unbelievable plot and no real pace but despite this i still love it.

It is lovable in its stupidity without realisation much like my passion for Bollywood films with their over the top zoom-ins and backlit beauties with hair blowing in the wind. 'The Spandiard's Curse' presents an over-the-top London where all people either speak the Queen's English or Cockney Ryhming Slang, a world where a ancient curse can be used to murder people and a world where people can seriously wear a bathrobe with a cravat.

There are also a few moments of genuine quality here, I like the scene where the murderer runs through how 'the murderer' would have done the crime - a stunning moment of good performance - stunning because for a brief moment you realize this guy can act and really should be doing something better. I also like the ending because it certainly is surprising and actually gives the film a kind of resonance it was otherwise lacking.

Overall a great film that you really must see to understand its appeal.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca4 / 10

Routinely-plotted British mystery flick

THE SPANIARD'S CURSE might sound like a horror movie but it turns out to be your usual routine court-based crime thriller, in which a man is sentenced to death only to call down an ancient curse on the men sentencing him. While a journalist begins to investigate the circumstances surrounding the initial crime, others begin to die, raising the question as to whether the curse is coming true.

If this all sounds rather half-hearted, that's because it is. THE SPANIARD'S CURSE is routinely plotted and directed, never rising above a level of mildly watchable tedium. Certainly the film lacks the kind of suspense that you'd expect from the premise and the solution to the mystery, when it is finally revealed, is strictly predictable. Lee Patterson is rather bland as the leading man although you do get to see Michael Hordern as a judge.

Reviewed by malcolmgsw5 / 10

The Spaniards curse is watching this film

The film opens in a criminal court.A man is found guilty of murder.He protests his innocence.So we know he must be innocent as this is a British murder mystery.He pronounces the Spaniards curse which in the words of Private Fraser means " You're all doomed".However the curse isn't really perused by the film after two deaths.We then come to a pretty standard crime film where a pickpocket holds one of the main clues.However I have to say that I found the identity of the killer as one which must have occurred whilst burning the midnight oil try to get a conclusion that would fit in with the available personnel Speedwell was our phone exchange when there were letters rather than numbers

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