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The Substitute: Failure Is Not an Option


Action / Crime / Thriller

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Treat Williams Photo
Treat Williams as Karl Thomasson
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Angie Everhart as Jenny
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Bill Nunn as Luther
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rmax3048233 / 10


Well, it had potential -- thrown away in the first few minutes when the potential mystery is disposed of and the chop-socky action start.

The evil guys sneer and are pure evil. The good guys are jovial and good.

The plot has something to do with Williams sent to a military aademy to smoke out a subset of fascsts. It takes five minutes. The rest is shoot-em-ups and whirling bodies.

From hunger.

Reviewed by tarbosh220003 / 10

For Die-Hard Treat Fans Only

This is the weakest entry in the "Substitute" series. The third one is best.

Karl Thomasson (The Treatster) has to infiltrate (Again!... Stop!) a white supremacy gang run by Brack (Patrick Kilpatrick-Great name!) in a military base.

"White Power" is of course uttered. Can Karl save the base from total Aryan destruction? This movie is an excellent definition of "Going off the rails". Treat is good as usual, but he can't save the film. Angie Everhart's breasts can't save it. (Okay, almost)... but it's just awful. The action scenes feel rushed and no one's heart was in it.

Bill Nunn makes an appearance as local weirdo Luther. He does nothing except beg for our pity. He said yes, probably as a favor to Williams.

Treat has seen better days. Watch "Prince Of The City" and Treat should track down his agent...again.

For more insanity, please visit:

Reviewed by edwagreen4 / 10

Substitute: No Success Here **

The premise of this Substitute film is most ridiculous. It seems that the commander of a southern military school speaks in a modulated voice, but is the definition of a racist. With some of the students, they plot mayhem.

As always, Treat Williams is sent in to infiltrate the bad guys and finish them off.

As the history teacher, Williams has little to offer in the classroom. This is obvious because of his real mission. There is a love interest, a lady physician, but amazingly she is not all that she supposedly is.

The ending is so cliché where the students turn against the racist.

This series has shown better writing material.

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