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The Tank


Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten40%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled33%
IMDb Rating5.510118

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Movie Reviews

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Reviewed by sumtim3s00n3 / 10

As Basic And Unimaginative As It Gets

Family, go place, monsters. Not one interesting character, numerous ridiculous decisions or scenarious that make NO sense. Monster creature's costume makes it difficult to move for the actor inside it so the ENTIRE film they either move slow or stand still and make growly growly hiss hiss sounds trying to appear frightening.

Which lasts for about 2 seconds and then you begin to notice pretty obviously those are an actor's arms and legs sticking out due to the typical elbow bend and knee bend when a person is on all fours trying to crouch / crawl forward.

All in all zero depth or development to everything, the story, characters or creatures combined with unimaginative, dull and silly story.

Its just unfortunate and frustrating that a bunch of people get a chance to create a film, to have means to create something good, a proper entertaining flick. I dont know where the process broke but its insulting to the actors and anyone involved who wanted to make something good and watchable,potentially something that would stand out.

Reviewed by geekoutmetal4 / 10

Mediocre at best...

What a waste of an interesting premise. The child parts are written terribly and the actor has no idea what to do witht eh terrible directing.

I was waiting in the third act for the mom to die. Please I just want to see it happen, but couldn't be bothered to wait around for the last 15mins to finish.

With a better writer taking the same premise and tweaking it, it could have been more interesting and scarier.

The creatures were interesting but again not much effort was made to make it anything other than walking fish.

I gave up at the end with the kid in the car. How does the creature open the car windows? And why does the kid keep screaming one minute in fear and then sounds perfectly fine the next moment.

Oh, and the cops gun just happens to have landed next to the family car door and mom picks it up like its meant to be there.

Anyway, what made me turn off my brain was how does someone just turn up to a house decades later and then just go to sleep in a house that is so rundown after all those decades, and yet its liveable.

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