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The Tutor


Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten20%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright77%
IMDb Rating4.910248

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Garrett Hedlund Photo
Garrett Hedlund as Ethan
Noah Schnapp Photo
Noah Schnapp as Jackson
Jonny Weston Photo
Jonny Weston as Gavin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by christianfagrell5 / 10

Good start, but bad ending

I think the movie had a good start, with a scary mystery vibe and good acting. Then from nowhere something is revealed and I was thinking "what?". This plot reveal is illogical and I felt like the mystery was all gone. Now the story changed from something to something completely different.

After that it just escalated, and I also think the actors overplayed their characters a bit.

The main question is why the main character choose to tutor this specific teenager. Yes, they keep saying "we need the money" but that is very thin explanation.

The story is actually very simple and they try to make it complicated without success.

Reviewed by imseeg5 / 10

Starts out promising, then descends into a nonsensical farfetched story.

The good: the start of this movie was quite promising. There was a certain intrigue hanging in the air, that was kinda fascinating. BUT...

The bad: after half an hour there is 1 particular plot turn that didnt make sense AT ALL. However mysterious this movie was at the start, the entire mystery collapsed because of this ridiculous plot turn.

MORE ridiculous plot turns were about to follow though. And the ending I simply could not take seriously any longer.

This is another movie that I got suckered into thinking it would be a thrilling mystery, only realisin half way through it was ANOTHER BADLY WRITTEN SCRIPT.

Reviewed by filmguyci-228046 / 10

Well acted and suspenseful

Garrett Hedlund plays Ethan, a professional tutor, who gets a high paying live in job teaching a wealthy teenager. The teen is creepy from the beginning and something seems very off about the whole situation. Ethan stays anyway as he and his girlfriend are expecting a baby, and they need the money.

Hedlund is excellent in this and the film keeps you guessing. Any sane person would have been out of there pretty quickly but then there would be no film. Still, the twist was unexpected and satisfying even if it sorta comes out of left field.

This is a decent thriller that keeps you interested. Recommended if you are willing to overlook the plot holes and just go with it.

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