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The Wall of Mexico


Action / Comedy / Drama

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Moises Arias Photo
Moises Arias as Cokestraw
Jackson Rathbone Photo
Jackson Rathbone as Donovan Taylor
Xander Berkeley Photo
Xander Berkeley as Michael Rand
Carmela Zumbado Photo
Carmela Zumbado as Ximena Arista
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lord_cw7 / 10

Deep movie but you need to keep in mind where is about

If you watch it with a normal mindset it is crazy and even vague and thrilling. Good end scene of the movie, it goes back to the plot of the movie. I can say it is not only the meaning of the movie but the music, the acting the script everything is done great only some elements are done too amateurish that is pity.

Reviewed by babyjaguar6 / 10

The Wall of Mexico: A Rethoric & Metaphoric Definition of "Borderlands"

This is intelligent film (written but co-directed by Zachary Cotler) may not be for the average film and its definitely would be considered as an art house venture. It as a new challenging portrayal of what "privilege" means.

The film centers on a strong performance Jackson Rathbone by as the handyman, "Don". The rest of film works like mystery of the head of the family (brief performance by veteran actor, Esai Morales) works for (including the drug parties of the spoiled offspring).

The other factor is the local townspeople who are in need of the "water well" on the family's property. What really is it? It is "holy", "toxic" or "illegal"? Their stories, and clues from local encounters with nearby people that "Don" ignores since he fascinated with siblings' drug habits and aloof behaviour.

In the midst of this film is the intellectual banter between the wealthy siblings emulates the female characters in the film, "Thoroughbreds" (2017). One could get lost in their rethoric and that's why some reviews are low. Another factor, the wealthy here are not white, but Latinas, spewing random theories about "Post Humanism", class division, and anthropogenic studies.

The character, "Don" (Rathbone) representing the working class, naive in fact maybe, Shakespeare-like "Caliban". They are some weak spots in the storytelling but the cast's performance (Jackson Rathbone, Esai Morales, Marisol Sacramento, etc.) kept some of story's weakness is holder in.

The filming show the lush and rugged exteriors of the US/Mexico's borders landscape. This film is definitely not for the average viewer is seeking by the film's title is basic definition of border themes: immigration but it does as concept plays the ongoing socio-political theme of "us vs. them".

Reviewed by nogodnomasters8 / 10

Do they let you drink the water?

Don works for the wealthy Arista family on their estate. It is a classic role reversal with Mexicans being wealthy having an American gardener and help. There are two young girls which prove to be a distraction for Don (Jackson Rathbone ). The family sells the water from their well whose power is mythical. The white folks in town have been stealing from the well so the family builds a wall around it to keep them away from the well with mythical powers.

The film just oozes with symbolism. Carmela Zumbado is the voice of philosophy and reason admitting to the class distinction and dim future for those who are not rich. They even transpose Mexican jokes into "gringo" jokes. It reminded me of "Black Privilege" on a smaller scale.

Guide: F-word, sex, nudity (Marisol Sacramento)

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