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The Wandering Earth II

2023 [CHINESE]

Action / Adventure / Drama / Sci-Fi

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Wu Jing Photo
Wu Jing as Liu Peiqiang
Andy Lau Photo
Andy Lau as Tu Hengyu
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by beryldong9 / 10

A great movie

This one is better than the first movie, which is very rare these days. The story lines are great. Although there are some plots that do not make a lot sense, it doesn't affect the overall rating at all. It doesn't make me feel it's a 3hr movie at all. This is actually the best Si-Fi movie I have watched in the last 3 years (and I've watched a lot lol) and I think it's fair to say it's better than 70% of the Hollywood Si-Fi movies these days.

I'm looking forward to the third one now given there are some flash forward scenes hinting at the next story line. Also, don't miss the credits at the end. I left early and have to read up on the end credit scenes online afterwards.

Reviewed by johnnyengram9 / 10

A New Benchmark for Hardcore Sci-fi Film

The Wandering Earth II tells a disaster story from an oriental point of view instead of the western one (which is getting more and more cliche),where humans work as a team to face the overwhelming crisis. There's no hero who can save the Earth single-handedly; still, every effort matters.

In many ways, TWE II is a true sight for the sore eyes in nowadays movie industry, even by the criteria of Hollywood. Outstanding visuals & acoustics, compelling narrative, numerous convincing concepts and details, and furthermore, a much more "universal" human value. It raises the ceiling for movies of the same genre to a whole new level.

If you let go of all the stereotypical thinking and preconceived bias against Chinese movies, then TWE II is definitely worth seeing (better in IMAX).

(Taking one star off in case they get cocky /doge)

Reviewed by i-62959-548869 / 10

Good movie created by remarkable team

1/ Get a IMAX ticket if you can. The film is 2D no need the 3D glasses but the special effects is absolutely amazing. Especially in the first 40 minutes, the effect of showing space elevator in the movie blow my mind.

2/ I like the concept of this movie, when human face disaster, all countries and nations unit as one to get through it instead of waiting some kind of not exist supper hero to save.

3/ From a interview of Liu Cixin( the author of The Wandering Earth) in CCTV. Movie TWE2 is a totally extended story. The screenwriter wrote a movie world view of 200,000 words.

4/ Most scene of this movie is filmed in Qingdao city, Shandong province.

5/ Actor who cast Zhou Zhezhi got nasopharyngeal carcinoma in 2000. He lost most part of his voice after surgical operation but he insist to use his own voice during filming. Most of his voice in movie was fixed by AI.

6/ Young Tu hengyu(casted by Andy Lau ) and Liu peiqiang(casted by Wu Jing) in movie used AI technology to create the their young looks by learning actors' pictures. And one more interesting thing, even though the AI can fix the man 40 year-old face to 20 year-old, but it is difficulty to let a 40 year-old man who act the version in 20 year- old himself. However, the director Guo Fan find a 21 year old actor to do the acting once. Then Wu Jing shadow it. That's so funny.

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