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This Little Land of Mines


Documentary / Drama / News / War

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by meghanconsorti9 / 10


Wonderful documentary, cant wait for more upcoming projects! I have followed Erin for a while and got to see this a few months ago, very happy with the watch!

Reviewed by jennyboland10 / 10

Important story, beautifully told

An incredibly powerful and informative documentary. It is harrowing to think of the devastation Laos has suffered as a country and how little this has been publicised. This is a really important story and it's been told extremely well by the film makers and people involved.

Reviewed by ttcousa10 / 10

Yet another piece of buried history!

The opening scene is EXCELENT, for it leaves no doubt in the viewers' mind about the HYPOCRISY of US politicians! Having heard the moving speech by JFK, the question ONE MUST ASK is WHY then Laos is now 'The little land of American mines'?

Unexploded bombs are certainly a problem; but if you think this is bad, well, THINK AGAIN! What about the loss of lives and properties that had occurred during those bombings? To those who still have DOUBTS about this "secretive" US-Laos War the film-makers have one surprise for them -- a confession by President Obama made while officially visiting Laos in 2016. (segment between 44min.20sec. & 45min.46sec.) For me, his generous offer of $90 million over 3 years is NOWHERE AS INTERESTING AS his admittance: " was a secret war and for years the American people did not know. Even now, many Americans are not fully aware of this chapter in our history..." CAN'T HELP WONDERING WHY THAT IS SO, AND HOW THAT CAN EVEN BE POSSIBLE.

As to why this historic trip was made by Obama and why a generous sum was offered, watch the film really carefully and pay attention to what the president and reporters say OR ELSE the effort of the film-makers will go to waste! (segment between 50min.30sec. & 51min.28sec.) What's not intended to be seen/heard won't be shown -- a rule of thumb in documentary making.

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