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Time Lock



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ShadeGrenade9 / 10

Carry On Sweating!

One type of movie we Brits used to do really well was the 'B' movie. In the '50's and '60's, British studios churned out dozens of supporting features, inexpensively produced, often featuring actors of whom no-one had ever heard, and while being far from masterpieces they proved very enjoyable. 'Time Lock' was one such picture. Based on a play by Arthur Hailey ( author of 'Airport' ),it tells the story of a little boy who accidentally gets trapped in a bank vault, and of the numerous attempts to rescue him. Robert Beatty heads the cast, which features a young Sean Connery as one of the would-be rescuers. What's surprising is that the picture was directed by Gerald Thomas, future 'Carry On' director. He brings a Hitchcock-like feel to the story, and one wishes he'd made a few more films in this vein. 'Time Lock' is above average, and worth catching if it comes round on television. The person who likened the film to 'Plan 9 From Outer Space' deserves to be locked in a vault himself. The only thing they have in common is they are both in black and white!

Reviewed by boblipton6 / 10

From the Man Who Brought You the Carry On Films....

Before he directed what seemed like thirty-five billion "Carry On" burlesques, Gerald Thomas directed this film, a simple drama about what happens when a small boy gets locked in a bank vault with a time lock set for over sixty hours -- and about ten hours' worth of air. It's from a play written by Arthur Hailey, and considering what the director would do, and Hailey's admiration of the AIRPLANE! burlesques of AIRPORT, based on his novel, it makes you wonder what a Carry On this would have made.

As a straight drama, it's a pretty good, if minor picture, filled with the sort of situations and characters that would populate Hailey's big novels, the movies made from them and the Disaster Movie genre. Allen Gifford is particularly good as the bank manager who works hard to get the child out, and constantly blames himself.

If I had any complaint, it is that it is too focused. Everyone is too focused, everyone is too polite. This, however, is not THE BIG CARNIVAL, nor AIRPORT nor CARRY ON, KID STUCK IN A BANK VAULT. For the story it tries to tell, it tells it well.

Reviewed by Skint1117 / 10

This could well be remade one day!

This is actually a pretty good thriller that benefits from the no-nonsense, fact-based dialogue and avoids sentimentality for the most part. Technically it's nothing remarkable and yes, the actors are largely undistinguished, but the story is developed in a pleasing and suspenseful way. Another reviewer's remark on this page that the film doesn't work because the child is unappealing is somewhat bizarre. The kid is on screen for all of two minutes and has but a few words of dialogue. And he's actually a cute little fella too, making you root for his rescue.

In summary then, this is a movie which had the likes of Hitchcock or another of the greats directed it, have been a classic. Instead it's an enjoyable way to spend an hour and a bit in front of the telly - especially if you, say, find yourself off work ill one afternoon.

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