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Trinity Seven The Movie 2: Heavens Library & Crimson Lord


Action / Animation / Comedy / Fantasy / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Thehagengnome7 / 10

A Solid Addition To The Series

Now this movie really got a lot of things right i would say. If you have watched the series up till now you will know what it is all about. This series is not about good storytelling or amazing visuals, it is about lewdness, sexual humor, romcom, perviness and more.

On those points i feel this movie really delivered. There was a good amount of lewd content and lots of great scenes containing it. Not only that, but you could see the makers really knew what this series is about when you notice that even during fight scenes or other similar scenes you can see that some of the girl's skirts move up just enough to see a glimmer of their panties etc. To me that is just what this show is supposed to be about and i enjoyed it for that.

The action scenes were fairly good in this as well considering. I liked the overall animation and effects when it came to the action sections. I would also like to point out that the sound effects are much, much better than in the previous movie, and thankfully so i might add.

If you are considering to watch this for good story or anything like that you have come to the wrong place. But if you are interested in seeing an entertaining, lewd, funny harem series then this is something you will enjoy.

Reviewed by jeromeboodlal10 / 10


I would like to see a third movie or season 2 in trinity seven. This was one of my first anime that I watched when I was getting into the anime genre so I don't want to see it die and up to this day I still love the anime 10/10

Reviewed by dameon_green4 / 10

Slightly better than the series but weaker than the first movie

Better than the series but a whole star below the 1st movie.

Partial Copy Pasta, as many of the series weakness are repeated here.

Not a huge fan of the "Harem" & "Ecchi" genre's to begin with, however seeing a few I realized after that fact qualified really draws out the failings in "Trinity Seven". (But OCD makes me watch all the episodes)

-Animation is average to below average, with some distortion / sizing issues at times. -Plot is weak, very formulaic and as a result predictable. (True of the series and movies). -Justification/explanation of the main characters "backstory" is super generic. -Character Development is lacking. (The "growth" of the Lilith character is pretty weak). -Dialog is weak, better then the series (English dub vs Sub) but not a ton better. -etc..

Overall I'd suggest a pass unless you've exhausted everything else, there are much better similar examples like "No Game, No Life" etc.

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