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Trump Card



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Marynewcomb20131 / 10

Alt right propaganda at its best

This "filmmaker" is an alt right, conspiracy theories who plead guilty in 2014 to a felony charge of making an illegal contribution in the name of others for a republican candidate in NY!! He is one of many criminals trump has pardoned!! So, you think you are going to get truth & facts out of this guy, NO!! He only pushes the pro trump narrative that WILL destroy the US!! He wants you to believe the nut job Qanon & other alt right wackos!! Don't believe anything about democrats being socialist or any other nonsense these Nazis want you to believe!!

Reviewed by TheSeaLion1 / 10

Best comedy of the year; worst documentary ever

If Dinesh D'Souza hadn't solidified his place in cinematic history--cinematic doing a lot of leg work here--as the worst documentary filmmaker of all time, this surely pushed his whatever remaining distance he needed to claim that title.

I have forced myself to watch three other of D'Souza's films: "Hillary's America," "2016: Obama's America," and "Death of a Nation." These films relate to "Trump Card" by their propaganda like quality and immense failure from a filmmaking perspective, but this sets it apart by just how embarrassing it is.

The film opens up with Dinesh D'Souza walking around America with the red flag of communism poorly photoshopped everywhere. Here, D'Souza makes the pitch of his film: that Trump needs to win reelection, otherwise socialism will take over America. What does D'Souza think democratic socialism is? Well, he thinks it's what democratic socialist George Orwell was warning people about when he wrote "1984."

After that, we get what can only be described as fan-cam footage of Trump and then a reenactment of Trump calling D'Souza to offer him a pardon. For some reason, the voice actor for Trump sounds like a Trump impersonation from someone trying to mock him would sound like.

When it finally delves into the documentary aspects of the film, just how lacking in credibility D'Souza is becomes incredibly apparent. He can't find a singular expert on anything; just a couple prominent conservative figures, some Twitter-famous conservative, his daughter, and a woman who claimed her organization True the Vote was investigated and harassed by the Obama Administration for being right-leaning (in truth, it was investigated for alleged voter suppression and fraud). The most bizarre interviewee being someone who claims to have information regarding Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar being connected to terrorists, yet instead of turning this information over to authorities he's elected to just tell Dinesh D'Souza about it.

With no understanding of what he's talking about and relying on conservatives who are clearly unlearned in what they're talking about or just lying, Dinesh D'Souza has made his worst documentary to date. Possibly even the worst documentary ever made. I mean, in "Death of a Nation," D'Souza at least got an actual historian to interview: D'Souza allegedly edited the clips to make the historian sound like he agreed with him, but at least it was an actual expert.

Reviewed by nyobatusa10 / 10

highly observant and insightful but shocking and disturbing at times

Another great documentary. It didnt disappoint but it was shocking at times. Certain revelation about previous President I admit never heard of. Dinesh is a very talented teacher and story-teller. It takes an immigrant who gets to appreciate the country for its forgotten values by many who are born in it and take its freedoms for granted.

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