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Turkey Hollow


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Family / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Fresh60%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled42%
IMDb Rating5.510690

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Mary Steenburgen Photo
Mary Steenburgen as Aunt Cly
Ludacris Photo
Ludacris as Narrator
Jay Harrington Photo
Jay Harrington as Ron Emmerson
Graham Verchere Photo
Graham Verchere as Tim Emmerson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Prismark105 / 10

Pesky kids gone turkey lurkey

Turkey Hollow is a Lifetime movie that has been Disneyfied with the help of Jim Henson's muppet like creatures and an unfinished story ideas from him.

Whimsically narrated by Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges, it tells the story of a newly divorced dad who takes his two kids for a vacation at his quirky aunt's organic farm in Hollow Hoodoo which is famed for having a mythical monster in the woods.

One of the children upsets the neighbouring farmer by letting his factory farmed turkeys loose and he demands compensation or the deeds of the aunt's farm.

This is a silly but enjoyable film aimed at kids. The puppet monsters maybe turn up a little too late, the bad guy and his henchmen maybe play it a bit too broad. Taken at the right spirit it is mildly enjoyable.

Reviewed by peefyn4 / 10

Fun creatures, but there's not enough of them

There's an obvious touch of Henson in this. And while it is based on a Henson story/idea, that's sadly not the part that works in the film. The creature designs are nice, and the creatures are great. I won't go too much into detail her (spoiler territory),but they're the clear highlight of the film. I also actually quite like the Ludicrous-segments, that break the fourth wall. They feel very much in line with the Muppets.

But other than that, the movie disappoints. The premise is good enough, but it feels like there should be more time spent on the kids exploring the secrets of the forests, and less time on the search for them. There's a sequence where they come to some interesting pumpkins that seem ready to burst into life... but nothing happens. It's like they planned a sequence, and instead of dropping it, made the audience feel what we missed. The creatures are great, but are hardly put to use.

I'm sure many kids will enjoy it, and I can also see it becoming a staple of thanksgiving TV - but for something fronted as "Jim Henson's", it sure lacks a lot.

Reviewed by Tug-35 / 10

Half enchanting, half disappointing

"Turkey Hollow" includes some legitimate laugh-out-loud moments, a mostly terrific cast, and four memorable "monsters," but it also includes some inexplicable choices. Chief among these is a reliance on toilet humor (literally, in one scene),which feels completely out of place in such a naively cute story. I'm no prude, but hearing these jokes, along with words such as "fugly," in a family Thanksgiving special is strangely jarring.

It's especially noticeable because the show works just fine without these gross asides. The funniest moments all come from the characters themselves. The aunt character's cranky hippie persona feels just right, especially her unexpectedly adorable interactions with the town's sheriff--odd that this subplot is really the best thing in the whole movie.

It's also odd to see Ludacris filling the narrator role usually reserved for Kermit the Frog in Jim Henson productions. Maybe Kermit was busy that week.

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