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Typhoon Club


Drama / Romance

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Reviewed by musgrave10 / 10

A class of Japanese teens experience their first feelings with the opposite sex while a typhoon storm is rising.

I've saw this film on tv back in the eighties so I hardly remember the details but the story is about a young group of teens during their adolescence and their experiences with the opposite sex. While the class is in school a storm raises and they have to stay in school during the typhoon. The story is shown in a very picturesque and (typical Japanese) silent way and won a movie price especially for it's unconventional kind.

Reviewed by Aoi_kdr5 / 10

The ages when kids laugh at the drop of a hat at mightnight.

I felt like I had passed like these students in the not-so-distance past. But, looking back, it was pretty long time ago. I realized 'the children's range' clearly in the scene when they danced crazily in the gym. The adults cannot touch it.

'Shall we go to McDonald together next time?' I laughed this with childishness, but, after that, I was so awful of the next development! It was like 'The Shining' from Kubrick.

Additionaly, I was also scared the white masked pair who played the ocarinas. I feel it was meanfull, but I have no ideas! I liked it because it reminded me 'Spirited Away.' In even real world, sometims I lose the feeling sof reality suddenly and get scared of me. For instance, when I was alone on my way home, the unknown way and the silent time etc.

Reviewed by ReadingFilm9 / 10


It is easily his most beautiful and artistic work. He is a master of evoking feelings and spaces, almost like Storaro / Bertolucci here.

Watching Somai's films in order, every time I think he reached some formal apex, his next one is even better. What a study for cinephiles.

The images are just unreal. The overall feeing of melancholy, perhaps peaking with the children in the typhoon it is both apocalyptic and freeing. Even nostalgia comes short as a description. At points it feels metaphysically surreal. Think about how the school is being repurposed in front of us, as shelter from the typhoon. No schedules, no classrooms, all those chairs and items unused.

This adjustment does something to the mind, taking you somewhere outside the frame of your existence into a higher plane. It's a rare power for a film to evoke. The review calling it an anti-coming of age film is spot on. One thing I gather to expand on that, with Somai working in the 80s is it is not going to give you classic films on those old fashioned terms.

That reminds me of the American Gen X punk attitude, the aggravation in Somai's work, while yet is so formal, its edge mixes in the broader wisdoms. Rather than the instinct of the young artist, to throw all the past in a basket fire of hate. Thinking they invented everything.

Somai's deepest cutting films respect one thing I see in the arts, is I wonder if artists really know what they sign up for? To be a champion soldier of cinema, one must carry the burden, the weight of the human soul. A good one will go there knowing you can't quite come back from it. The pain of it all reads so deeply here along its beauty, forming an impact of wisdom.

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