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UFO Sweden

2022 [SWEDISH]

Adventure / Sci-Fi

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Uploaded by: FREEMAN

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Eva Melander as Kicki
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mail-1903510 / 10


Rarely have a Swedish movie gotten me this excited and hyped up before it even got released and when I finally got to see it, it was better than I had even hoped for.

I love that the story is taking place back in the 90's, it's a flashback to my teen years growing up in Sweden, my neighbor had a SAAB 90 and everyone had a Yamaha DT, everything is so relatable.

The actors are good and likable, the accent some of them are using sounds fun and goofy, which make them memorable.

The movie never gets boring, there's no extra fluff that has no relation to the plot. The sound effects and music are spot on and beautiful, so are the visual effects and light settings, it's very nice-looking and cinematic.

It's a feelgood movie with a light plot, your brain is relaxed and you can just enjoy what you're seeing. The end is good, I hate bad endings, it can ruin a whole movie. This one leaves you to wonder the exact right amount, perhaps they were considering a second movie?

Anyhow, this might just be the best Swedish movie I have seen to date.

Reviewed by rebeckaflygare9 / 10

The truth is out there...

This charming, fun and thrilling movie takes you right back to the 90;s (and a bit of the 80;s as well). For a lover of vintage you will find a lot of nice details, and for a lover of old school sci fi you will get the feels from those old Spielberg movies such as "Close encounters of the third kind".

The special effects are stunning, yet true to movies 30 years ago, and there were some nailbiting scenes were we, me and my 13 year old daughter, were leaning far in our chairs at the cinema.

The roles are perfectly casted, and the characters are diverse. I especially enjoyed Isabelle Kyed as "Töna" and Niklas Kvarnbo Jönsson as "Karl-Tefat" but I only have great words to say about the rest of the cast aswell.

This movie succeds were others fail by being absolutely genuine and down to earth (pun not intended) and I am very impressed by the small production company Crazy Pictures that continues to build a name for themselves with productions like this.

For lovers of sci fi and action this is a must see, but it's also filmed with that humor and warmth that takes it to another level.

Reviewed by marcusohman819 / 10

Very good

Invokes a feeling of Wargames and Close encounters of the third kind. A throwback to 90's action adventure sci-fi movies, but in Sweden! A very charming film with a lot of heart and humour.

Plot revolves around a teenage girl looking for her father who might have dissapeared in an alien abduction in the 80's. She turns to her fathers old UFO Assosciation for help.

It is all done a bit tounge in cheek, for example the hacking is what you would expect from a movie made in the nineties and maybe not form a movie made in 2022. But it is in line with the charm and tone of the film.

Well acted, great soundtrack, and excellent cinematography and effects.

I higly recommend it!

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