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Ukraine: The People's Fight



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Reviewed by belvie_gt10 / 10

intimate and revealing

I just watched this documentary on the Belgian / Flemish public broadcaster VRT. Quite amazing how ordinary people find each other and clit together in their aim keeping Ukraine independent and free.

Russia (read : aging Putin blinded by successes from the past making him suffer from megalomaniac behavior) made such crazy move by attacking Ukraine while having all the natural resources and space across 11 timezones themselves. Why start this war? Mr Putin enjoyed respect from the Western and Oriental societies but then -unfortunately- made such dramatic decision attacking a sister culture and country. For sure he must regret that decision by now.

It's sad (but understandable of course) watching well educated people making hateful statements about their opposing peers that are hiding in their own trench a few kms further. They don't realize that war is in the first place big business where only a few owners of the industrial military complex manage to play games with those in political power and this at the expense of the common (wo)man.

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