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Action / Drama

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Katie O'Grady as Jamie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mandyvs-872148 / 10


An engaging film that portrays the fight of a teenage girl. An interesting storyline that will keep you guessing.

Reviewed by PacmanKO882 / 10


The only thing undeserved here is the torture I just went through watching this garbage.

I would say the typical "this looks like it was made by a second year film student," but that would be insulting to film students.

Reviewed by Always_Forward1 / 10

Sick and twisted

03Mar2020 {1/10stars = F}Recommend? No; Movie about perverted deviants.

This movie makes Christians look undependable, cowardly and fragile. Pastor Willem's wife Jamie is a co-pastor that acts like she never had a relationship with God when she finds out Willem is an adulterer and p3d0phile. Jamie does not warn people at church about Willem's deviant behavior.

Not buying that Dawn is smart enough and has confidence to run away from her deviant uncle Willem. Yet, she doesn't run away from Basti, the pimp that holds her captive. No one calls the police about Dawn being held captive by a pimp.

Dawn is rescued from Basti and while she is in a rehabilitation facility getting help her Aunt Jamie gets hurt feelings and walks out on Dawn.

CONTENT ADVISORY: Willem is a lustful, unfaithful pastor that openly declares his lack of belief in God, Willem is also an adulterer and p3d0phile, Dawn is held captive by a pimp.

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