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Vacaciones de terror 2

1991 [SPANISH]

Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Gblakelii5 / 10

2 singers serious struggle with grizzly ghoul

First of all there is a lot of confusion with the title(s) of this movie. The video cassette release title is "Pesadilla Sangrienta" with the date 1990 given. "Pesadilla Sangrienta" is listed on IMDb with a different director and cast. The website TodoCine has this title as a movie directed by Lucio Fulci. CineFania has the correct information as follows: title, "Vacaciones de Terror 2" aka "Pesadilla Sangrienta" and "Cumpleaños Diabolicos", although their release date is 1989 which differs from everyone. Now if that's clear, on to the review. As far as fans of the genre go, a Mexican horror movie from the 1980's and 1990's is hard to come by. When one pops up, there isn't much of a question but to buy it. Of course if it is advertised as a horror film but turns out to be more of a mystery, you're out of luck. In this case, however, "Pesadilla Sangrienta" is 100% pure horror. And if you thought motion pictures made in the USA covered the market in pop star flicks, think again. Here you get two for the price of one. And yes Tatiana does put on a little concert, which comes off very well. Both singers play it straight and give very pleasing performances. As Tatiana's father, veteran action star Joaquin Cordero's presence is much appreciated by the older viewers. The creature in the movie, though, gives the best performance. If this movie is little known, at least under its alternate title, the monster should rank with the best. Truly scary and different from most run of the mill monsters. It's a shame the plot doesn't match the special effects. The special effects, actually, also serve as the backdrop to the story. And as most movies with "Blood" in their title, there is plenty to go around here. The bottom line, however, is that the story is just drawn out too much. Perhaps as a hour long TV episode it would have worked. At some point this may just wind up as a curiosity piece for fans of Pedro and Tatiana, but the "Bloody Nightmare" monster is certainly worth a look at.

Reviewed by Woodyanders8 / 10

An enjoyably cheesy sequel to the excellent original

The diabolical devil doll returns to wreak more havoc. This time it comes to life and turns into a hideous scaly humanoid lizard beast which terrorizes several folks holding a lavish Halloween birthday party for little girl Tania (cute Renata del Rio) on a closed film studio. It's up to occult expert Julio (the ever-amiable Pedro Fernandez) to stop the foul fiend before dawn. He's assisted by sweet singer Mayra (the foxy Tatiana) and stern movie mogul Roberto Mondragon (a perfectly huffy Joaquin Cordero). Director Rene Cardona III treats the gloriously ridiculous premise with total seriousness, thereby providing a wondrous wealth of often gut-busting unintentional campy humor. Moreover, Cardona III relates the silly plot at a snappy pace, manages to create a fair amount of creepy atmosphere, and pours on the gore with lip-smacking élan (blood and goo literally flows, spurts and squirts all over the place!). The clawed'n'fanged reptilian monster is an absolute riot; he's a goofy-looking thing with a long tail, a big banana-like nose, and absurd pointy ears! The lovably primitive (markedly less than) special effects are likewise pretty funny. Better still, the lovely Tatiana even performs a bouncy pop-rock number! Xaxier Cruz's slick, fluid cinematography and Pedro Plascencia Salinas' funky, syncopated score are both up to par. A real hoot of a schlockfest.

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies8 / 10


I was wondering if I could love the sequel as much as the original and I am here to tell you that I love this movie more than is humanly possible. Vacaciones de Terror is fun. The sequel, that also has the added title Diabolical Birthday? It might be the best movie I've watched this year.

The niece's boyfriend from the first vacation - Julio (Pedro Fernández - is in his own adventure, helping the daughter of horror movie producer Roberto Mondragon (Joaquin Cordero, who was in Dr. Satan and El Gato) celebrate her birthday. Of course, the witch from the first movie and comes back, gets split in half and becomes a lizard-like monster while possessing everyone through an evil birthday cake that bleeds rivers of blood.

What would make this movie better? What if Mexican pop star Tatiana shows up and has a musical number? Yes, this happens. It makes the movie so much better than it has any right to be.

Pedro Galindo III took over the director's chair from Rene Cardona III and honestly, he knocks it way out of the park. I mean, the witch is oozing sores all over the place and launching fireballs at people at a kid's birthday party on Halloween while a longhaired singer and another singer do battle against her.

The moment that Tatianna - playing Mayra Mondragon - sings the song "Chicos," I lost my mind. Seriously, my dog is a chihuahua and I think he must have some instinctive Mexican heritage because every single time I play this song - and trust, I've watched this movie double digits in the last few weeks - he goes absolutely loco. Watch it for yourself.

There's also a moment where Studio Mondragon has a Cocktail poster up and you wonder, "In the strange Mexican universe that is this film, did Roberto Mondragon produce a Tom Cruise movie? Or is so unprofessional that he has a poster of a movie he didn't make up in his studio?"

Have you ever watched Troll 2 and wished, "I wish someone made this in Spanish and added musical numbers, but also crazier special effects and strange Mexican sorcery and baby dolls?" Have I got amazing news for you. This movie has all of that and so much more.

I went into Mexican Horror Week with the hopes of enjoying some films. I have somehow discovered a movie that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

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