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Very Big Shot

2015 [ARABIC]

Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tonymm-5383610 / 10

Brilliant movie!

Brilliant movie with great acting. Keeps you engaged the entire way.

Definately worth a watch!

Reviewed by iquine8 / 10

Gritty and Real Feeling

(flash Review)

Small time drug peddlers aiming to go straight are forced into one last job for their boss which sets them off into a new direction and vision. The last job doesn't go as planned and they get their hands on a pile of drugs. Thinking ingeniously, they plan to smuggle the drugs in movie film canisters as those don't get x-rayed at airports (not thinking about drug smelling dogs may be a plot hole). They go so far as to set up to produce a real movie to cloak their illegal activity. How will things shake out from here? Really creative script with honest dialog and acting. Mix in some nice surprises within good pacing and editing = a great little film.

Reviewed by habeebsaleh10 / 10

One of the best Lebanese films !!

giving this film 10/10 was not that hard, for everyone who is able to watch this film, don't miss a chance to watch it, very big shot is a very big film !! excellent characters building, excellent plot, very realistic and brilliant script with a very moving story, such an amazing film !! The film explores fraternal relationships, Christian- Muslim relationships, Lebanon's recent violent history and film making and all under two hours! The script is witty, the acting superb and set and location edgy and evocative. The ending is very ambiguous and can be interpreted in one obvious way. The director, who was present at the London film festival's screening, declined to fix the interpretation of the ending, leaving to up to viewers to decide the line that leads to Ziad's final act. It is clear that this film is deeply symbolic and represents Lebanon and its politics as much as any domestic action drama.

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