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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh79%
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true crimesexual assault

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hilaryjrp10 / 10

"Exoneration TV" at Its *Best*

A love-hate affair with the streaming channel "Victim/Suspect" is now offered on makes me subscribe, and then unsubscribe. Whether or not I'm the person who invented the term "exoneration tv," I know hands-down "Victim/Suspect" is among the best I've seen on the service... because it may be the first to focus on women.

Ms. De Leon, the reporter/narrator, is terse and excellent in helping several victims tell the horrors they experienced when they turned to the police for help after a rape. One victim is not present--because after a rape by a well-connected Southerner she was arrested for making a false report, and then committed suicide. In terms of grabbing the viewer's attention, the filmmakers made the right choice to include her story as early in the documentary as they did.

I wish so strongly Netflix would consider a subsidiary service for social conservatives who aren't heartless and who may perhaps know what the other side of the tracks are like. Shame, that I got notified of "Victim/Suspect's" availability before I cancel my subscription yet again.

One final comment: the women brave enough to participate in this documentary were pretty, bright, and connected in some way with higher education. Unfortunately, I don't have to wonder how women who aren't pretty, from a loving family, and unwilling to attach themselves to the success factory called "university" or "college" make out.

Reviewed by SharDBear8 / 10

No Surprise

As a multiple sexual assault victim, myself.

I'm kind of glad I never came forth to report of my assaults, or even mention them to those I even trust, or should trust.

I have heard too many stories of how victims have been shamed, or have made to feel/think we have deserved it some way (the way we were dressed, acted, mixed signals, etc).

It's truly sad.

More needs to be done.

It's deplorable of what are justice system is. Even more deplorable of our "serve and protect" people are.

My faith in humanity and society is pretty nonexistent, nor will I ever turn to those who I'm expected to trust (LE's) to expect to protect me. I think I will rely on myself to do that from now on.

Reviewed by chenp-547086 / 10

Uneven structure, but well-informed

Saw this at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival

"Victim/Suspect" is a documentary about young women who tell the police they've been sexually assaulted, but instead of finding justice, they're charged with the crime of making a false report, arrested, and even imprisoned by the system they believed would protect them. Throughout the perspective of journalists, the film examines them trying to seek justice for those who are given injustice. The entire film has interesting concepts and themes explored while being mostly standard.

Director Nancy Schwartzman provides a good direction and the film's tone, style, and presentation of what the film is going for. The subjects of rape and injustice are tough to watch and she provides good commentary about how the system is broken and it needs to change. Security footage of confessions and interrogation of the victims with police are pretty upsetting and hard to watch alongside with interviews from the main participants themselves.

Because the story is told from an Journalist's perspective, some of the pacing did drag a little and I wish the story was explored a little more from the participants rather than the Journalists because it creates an uneven structure of the documentary. At some points, the soundtrack was repetitive and style felt something you would see from Netflix.

Overall, it's not the best documentary on this subject but it's still well-informed and interesting to observe. It can be tough for some but I do recommend for those who are into journalism or documentaries about injustice.

Rating: B-

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