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War of the Worlds: The Attack


Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by slseed19693 / 10

Bait and switch

Don't judge the movie based on watching the trailer. It was cleverly put together and I was fooled enough into thinking it would be an exciting new take on a classic sci-fi story. The actual movie is amateurish, slow with bad acting, writing and effects. It feels more like a network TV movie and not worth the rental price.

I wish I could say more about it, but I was bored out of my mind. I couldn't make it through all the way in my first watching. I came back to it later to see if it got better, but it just didn't. It's pure garbage and I would like my 6.99 rental back. I recommend you save your money.

Reviewed by Swingatetrading1 / 10

I've seen school productions better than this

We saw this on Amazon prime and I assume the trailer enticed my wife to purchase this. Terrible acting, terrible storyline, terrible dialogue and terrible fx. The acting is genuinely wooden and it is laughably bad at points. The explosions and fx look worse than 80s films; Whoever funded this should have accepted that £20 would not be a sufficient special effects budget for a sci-fi movie and saved all involved from this embarrassment. The worst thing is that it cost my wife £4.99. The real tragedy is that she made me watch it all and it starts poorly and gets worse.

Do not waste your money on this absolute garbage.

Reviewed by Almost_Soldout3 / 10

Movie about saving a cat from a tree would be more interesting

For this kind of movies the atmosphere plays the main role. Here the whole mood of the movie is more relevant to the movie about a cat stuck in the tree and saving her.

Even-though it's low-budget movie, they definitely had some budget invested to the movie, sometimes this kind of films struggle with it but they still can be great. So it's pitty to see how they wrongly accommodated it.

This is like puzzle that can't be completed. Nothing makes sense together and everything falls apart: Acting is weirdly mediocre, VFX looks so plain, no solid lines in this plot but again and the most important is lack of any atmosphere behind it.

Sorry but I couldn't finished it, ffwd to the end after watching a first hour of the movie. Poorly bad and disappointing.

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