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White Lotus Cult

1993 [CN]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nightimerunner1 / 10

A 97 minutes each 3 film franchise that feels like close to 3 hours each and a lifetime together

This was clearly a trend following project after the success of some other period costume martial arts/ WuXia movies starring the likes of Jet Li in the early 90s. White Lotus Cult was set as the first of a trilogy with the main character Tie Qiao San, the overall story arch could have been formidable with a love triangle and two rather powerful villains in the first and last instalments. However, it did not ever happen. Even though it was a co-production between mainland and hongkong film companies, the production value was at best barely better than the flicks produced by the hk triads at that same time. Anachronisms overwhelm the movie in the mise en scene, the characters, and the plots. The male protagonist is not likeable and grossly blend, not to mention gravely lack the charm and star power. The two female leads, played by Chuan-Chen Yeh and Fennie Yuen, were supposedly great characters through out the franchise, were given only little than not much to do. The female supporting role played by Lily Lee, was supposed to be a crucial mentor figure from the second act of the first movie on ward, was not given much dimensions to expand. The slightly over the top villain played by the late Ji Chunhua was the only saving grace for the first movie. The major driving conflict in the first movie, the menacing White Lotus clan, end up feeling rather low stake and uninteresting thanks to poor execution from script to film. Stylistically, the first movie struggles to awkwardly find footing between the martial arts fantasies which emphasize Chi/inner power, and the relatively more realistic, although still wire heavy styles of films with the likes of Once Upon a Time in China and others. Tonally, the movie and the trilogy altogether tries to copy the formula and balance serious subjects, martial arts, and comic relief within each movie, but end up being none of the three. In conclusion, not interesting, not entertaining, not exciting, and god awful pacing. One star for the fight choreography, note it was fight choreography, not action set pieces for it virtually had none.

Reviewed by Matti-Man7 / 10

Good, if muddled, kung fu actioner

The SAM trilogy is one of my favourite kung fu series. WHITE LOTUS CULT is the first film in the trilogy, and as such is required to set up who the characters are and how they came to be that way. This means that a chunk of screen time is spent painting portraits of the main players. However there's still plenty of room for some eye-popping "wire-fu" action sequences.

Some martial arts movie fans seem to object to film-makers using wires to enhance the action, but I have no such objection, as I believe there's plenty of room for both types of action in kung fu movies.

The basic plot details the struggle between the bad Chief of the White Lotus cult and his "si-heng" (older brother - in a kung fu training rather than blood relative sense) Chin Chan for possession of a manual of higher kung fu techniques (the "Classics"). When Chin Chan is tricked into attacking the Emperor he is wounded and pursued by the Imperial Guards. Escaping on a train, he runs into our hero Sam (spelt "San" throughout the film in the sub- titles). Chin Chan cons Sam into learning White Lotus chi techniques, then sends Sam to find Chin Chan's ex-lover Hung (played by Li Li-Li),also an expert in the White Lotus style. Hung agrees to to help Chin Chan train Sam in time for the final confrontation with the White Lotus Chief.

There's also a bit of nonsense with Sam's childhood pal Kuang joining the WLC and becoming a complete wazzock, but don't let that put you off ...

A more interesting sub-plot is Sam's blossoming relationship with Chan's daughter Tieh (Yip Chuen-Chan),also know as "Butterfly" in some prints.

My copy of this film is the Tai Seng release which has a decent enough picture but to be honest, the sub-titles are pretty poor, and are even missing for some exchanges of dialogue.

Still, a good-enough opener for a series which gets a lot better with episode 2, SAM THE IRON BRIDGE.

Reviewed by Flaming_Dragon8 / 10

Great, but brutal action film!

This is a very good action film, but it could have been so much better! Ji Chun Hua is fantastic as usual as the lead villain giving a stong and powerful performance! Do Siu Chun is good as the lead (Iron Bridge San),but it would have been much better if his sidekick Taam Chui (Kuang) was the lead for this one (he's a better actor and much better martial artist than Siu Chun!) .Unfortunately this film drags a little at times and Taam Chui's mega martial arts talent is completely wasted! It's a real crime for this guy to be in a film and not bust a move! (his kicks are amazing!) . I'm suprised he hasn't done more stuff, he looks like Jet Li (should appeal) can fight even better and can act! why isn't he more famous? Still this is a great action film, full of well choreographed fights, some good acting (mainly from Ji Chun Hua and Taam Chui) and a good solid story, though not for the Squeamish (some brutal parts!) .Though this film's not well known it's well worth a look and a must see for Kung Fu fans!

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