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Who Invited Them


Comedy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh82%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright60%
IMDb Rating5.5101422

home invasionwealthy couple

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Uploaded by: FREEMAN

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Perry Mattfeld Photo
Perry Mattfeld as Sasha
Ryan Hansen Photo
Ryan Hansen as Adam
Melissa Tang Photo
Melissa Tang as Margo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by What-a-Punk6 / 10

There's something about it.

The movie is not bad. I did enjoy it.

It's surely not a horror though, don't know why put that tag. It's straight up a thriller.

There's nothing flashy about it, it's all set in the same place and you see where it is going from miles away. I guess it's not claiming or pretending to be any kind of great or genius stuff. It's simple and it's probably something around something you already seen before. I sure did. Still there's something about it that kept me watching.

I guess, I liked the actors and the characters, and the ending is well played, abrupt, but makes sense. And yes, one other thing, I believe it was light. You know, like there are many high tension, pressure thrillers, dark, gory, violent. This one it not like that. It's like a dark comedy, although comedy is lacking, but in a sensible way, because comedy tends to make movies unserious and ridiculous. This one remained sensible.

It's like one of those movies that you watch during your lazy Sunday. It's not for Friday eventings.

Reviewed by cjonesas5 / 10

Are you the guests or the owners?!

A bland film with good acting, bland storyline, bland plots, inconceivable story arcs, lame vibe and flow included and combined with a gorilla ending upside down.

It is not my cup of tea, has some merits in its acting, but the snail flow and maquette ending just ruin it.

Everything is wasted in this movie, even the cash flow. Not surprisingly, almost nobody cares watching and reviewing it.

  • Screenplay/story: 4
  • Development: 7
  • Realism: 5
  • Entertainment: 5
  • Acting: 6.5
  • Filming/cinematography: 6
  • VFX: 6.5
  • Music/score: 6.5
  • Depth: 4
  • Logic: 3
  • Flow: 5
  • Comedy/horror: 4
  • Ending: 3.

Reviewed by clk264-649-7164636 / 10

An honest review.

So, there is a young family that moves into a house and they throw a party as a housewarming, and, invite all their friends after everyone leaves, there is a couple that's left behind; what to do?

We've seen this scenario about a million times. At first year intrigued by this couple, Sasha and Tom. They're very mysterious, gorgeous, and they don't lay on any thick behavior. You like them, but, you kind of wanna know what their story is. Adam and Margo (the young family),are likable, and realistic people. Once you watch the movie, you'll be able to say "oh yeah, Adam is just like..." A name at least two or three of your friends. Same goes with Margo.

What the movie is lacking is that it is trying to break through of a cliché but winds up going in the exact place that you expect it to.

It seems to be a little bit mysterious behavior with Sasha and Tom, but, not enough to generate your interest.

The ending is rather bland, and it went in the exact direction that I was expecting it to. There isn't anything wrong with "Who Invited Them" but there isn't anything right.

Check it out if you like slow burn house party thrillers.

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