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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by amandahoney-605151 / 10

Cringe worthy.

This whole ridiculous documentary is just the makers attempt to justify being a total sleazebag. The end.

Reviewed by d-cavanagh10 / 10

Great movie check it out.

Great movie check it out. A solid thought provoking documentary.

Reviewed by angel-youles8 / 10

Thought Provoking Documentary about the Nature of Relationships

This documentary follows its filmmaker Dhruv Dhawan who explores the concept of whether monogamy is sustainable in relationships and marriage. The documentary takes on an intimate look at his own relationship. His relationship becomes open after the filmmaker expresses that it is something he wants to explore. We see the rise in conflict and discomfort in the filmmaker's relationship by doing him so. You can tell his girlfriend does not like the idea, but stays in a relationship with him as she loves him.

The film is very emotionally driven by the filmmaker. It's very personal to him. IIt shows that he is conflict whether his open relationships and not keeping his sexually fidelity is correct and sustainable. It shows the negative effects this type of relationship can have on two people and the decline it has on his personal relationship.

Although personal, it also explores bigger questions. He interviews couples in polyamorous relationships who appear to be happy and comfortable with this lifestyle. This is followed by what various experts think on the matter. Some say that monogamy is unnatural for our species, others say that polygamy causes too many problems and heartache within them and it all makes for an interesting discussion on the topic.

He shares his desires for an open relationships with his family members and interviews them on their perspectives. Their perspectives often disagree with Dhruv's and express concern for the type of relationship he is pursuing.

It further explores a history of monogamy and marriage in the past and how historically the meaning of marriage and commitment has changed.

The documentary is great because it gives us a first hand look into the effects of a poly relationship. It raises questions about the age old question of fidelity. Can one stay happy with just one person forever? I think this question is still very much unanswered and possibly a subjective one.

It inspires thought about human nature.

I highly recommend it. It's an interesting topic!

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