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2016 [GERMAN]


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Saskia Rosendahl as Jenny - Ania's Sister
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by matstaal8 / 10

A visceral, realistic portrait of a woman obsessed with a wolf

A young woman in her early twenties lives a mundane, lethargic live. While she works as an IT consultant at a small company, her boss and co-workers treat her as a secretary. Her boss calls her his favorite employee, because 'she never complains'. When she encounters a wild wolf in a small park, she feels alive for the first time. She becomes obsessed with the wolf, and settles on trying to catch it to bring it home, finding satisfaction in the thrill of the hunt and connecting with her animalistic side for the first time in her life.

The film delivers as a modern, realistic twist on the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Rather than getting lost on the way to grandma's and being hunted by a wolf, Ania purposely brings home the wolf to her grandfather's house. But this film isn't a fairy tale; It's a gritty, visceral and realistic portrayal of an animal in the big city. Through the wolf Ania connects to her instincts - her wild side - and we witness her path of depravity. While she befriends the wolf, it's always a wild animal and a threat to Ania and the people around her.

I saw the film at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam, where it was a nominee for the big screen award. I hope it makes it to the theaters, as the audience responded with both shock and delight to the imagery and events. We saw the uncensored version which isn't for the faint of heart, as the film contains graphic sex scenes and violence towards animals.

The screenplay is grounded in reality and uncompromising, while the acting of both the lead actress and the animal(s) is impressive. If you have an opportunity to see this film and you find inspiration in the depraved side of human instinct or the role nature has in modern society, go see Wild.

Reviewed by grantss4 / 10

Intriguing, then bizarre, then silly

Ania lives a fairly average life, with no real excitement. Then one day she spots a wolf in a forest near her flat and is intrigued and fascinated by it. She initially just brings the wolf food but after a while her plans turn more drastic...

Fairly intriguing, initially. Ania's daily life and events and her fascination with the wolf was interesting to watch. However, from a point the movie takes a turn for the bizarre and from then on it's just absurdity for the sake of absurdity. While Ania was initially an engaging character, her subsequent actions make her quite unlikable and make her seem crazy.

Had some potential but ultimately goes nowhere.

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation6 / 10

Of wolf and (wo)man

"Wild" is a German movie from this year (2016) that actually premiered very early, namely at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival back in January. The writer and director of this 1.5-hour movie is Nicolette Krebitz, a pretty successful German actress herself, but this is one of her efforts behind the camera and it has a good chance of turning into her most known work. It is the story of a young woman who seems to no longer be willing to participate in the business world and seems a most unusual way out. One evening she randomly runs into a wolf and this moment fascinates her to an extent that it changes her life. From that moment on, it is all about the wolf. Her entire life revolves around that fateful meeting and she becomes pretty obsessed with this wild creature. This obsession is still relatively restrained when she "only" buys meat at the supermarket and rabbits at the pet store that she brings him for dinner. But things get out of hand quickly when she manages to sedate the majestic animal and brings him to her place to live with him as if he was a partner. At that point, she really lost all connection to reality as she even somehow begins to have a romantic relationship with him. In one of the most controversial scenes of the year we see her bleeding from between her legs intentionally and she gets the wolf to put his mouth/nose in-between there and she orgasms as a consequence. There are more sexually explicit scenes, but this one I just described is really the only one that involves the wolf. The main character has sex with a man towards the ending and we see her orgasm on another occasion and there are many topless scenes, so not a film you want to watch with your children. Or parents.

The main character is played by the stunning Lilith Stangenberg and her looks certainly help the sexual component that this film has without a doubt. There are more known names in the cast here, you can check out the list to see who else is appearing in here next to Stangenberg and successful Austrian actor Georg Friedrich who plays the male character with the most screen time. As a whole, I enjoyed the watch. The constant tension if she will be killed by the wolf at the end adds a nice invisible danger throughout the film. I will not tell you if he does to avoid major spoilers. Lets just say something pretty drastic happens at the end. So yeah, all in all you can definitely say that this is a really absurd film, but I still would not call it a fantasy movie. The world is weird and bizarre and honestly, there were moments when it all did not feel unrealistic at all. Actually, this description fits almost the entire film. The one inclusion I did not like were the factory worker women. I guess they should add some kind of foreign multi-cultural mysterious component, but it was not really working out. However, this movie has even a couple funny moments that made me laugh a bit from the perspective of how they were so absurd that they were already funny, like the neighbor complaining about the noise and sound and her final comment that order shall be restored in this house. How would she have reacted knowing there is a wolf inside the girl's apartment. Or another example would be the main character about to get busy with the two room service workers right when her boss enters the room and his reaction then. He sure did not expect that. But lets just say, he sure makes the most of it afterward. The female main character was also completely unrestrained when it came to her physicality depicting the idea that mentally she was turning into a wolf herself, even if that means leaving the feces on the desk. What did not work so well was the fact that she burns it all down because this has nothing to do with deeper instincts really and the idea that she moves away from technology back to nature is not good enough of an explanation. So yeah, as a whole I was well entertained watching these approximately 90 minutes. I think this was a very brave and creative movie that worked well on most occasions and it makes me hope Krebitz writes and directs more movies in the future. I certainly recommend checking this one out and it's probably among the 10 (maybe even 5) best films from Germany this year. Go see it.

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