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World War III

2022 [PERSIAN]

Adventure / Crime / Drama / War

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Uploaded by: FREEMAN

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Movie Reviews

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Reviewed by Irena_Spa4 / 10

A bitter taste

Although I love Iranian movies, I have to admit that I am not impressed. It lasts too long and in every minute you can't see any shiny sparkle. Even the main actor is good, the story is a bit weak. I know, it is the story of a poor middle-aged man who struggles to survive poverty and who loses hope to live blaming all around, even those who are giving him a chance, but it should be packed in less time. The only thing which can help in seeing the entire film project is its cinematography. After watching it you will have a bitter taste and the thought that you watched someone's misfortune, and in any case you didn't want to watch it.

Reviewed by cosilica10 / 10

Created this account having seen that nobody reviewed it before

Seen this movie today at the Stockholm's film festival and I was amazed by the number of layers in the story.

The film is so absurd, complex and simple at the same time. It's very hard to describe. It's a roller coaster of emotions. Like you watch cartoons, a horror movie, then a drama with pauses to give time for reflection.

Describes the struggle of the characters in an absurd world that is becoming even more absurd mainly because people act erratic. Nobody is safe from madness and everyone is culpable, but the more people sin the harder it is for them to admit mistakes.

Go see this movie if you are a person that is more interested in depth than Hollywood.

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