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Zee van Tijd

2022 [DUTCH]


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Sallie Harmsen as Johanna
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Reviewed by mariarammstein6 / 10

A Dutch film about if time heals wounds

The movie, based on a true story, consists iof two parts: past and present. A young, very much in love couple, Johanna and and their 5 year old son Kai, sail across the seas, when their son dissappears. The footage of Kai is real footage of Mikel, the boy who this true story is about. The search for Kai is impossoble, heartbreaking and without any hope.

The moment the have to sail back home and leave Kai behind in a way, is very though to watch.

Through the excruciating pain, they are incapable to communicate. She thinks he moves on too fast and doesn;t want a second child, which Johanna can't fathom, and they separate.

After 40 years without any contact Johanna has to find out through media that Lucas is planning to direct a play about Kai. She is.outraged by his plan and goes to confront him about him using their mutual loss without letting her know.

There they finally are able to talk about their grief, what happened and talk about Kai.

An unnecessary plottwist at the end, the music is overly dramatic, the acting is superb (if you can handle Dutch (over) acting).

Zee van tijd is translated "sea of time" but in Dutch it also means to have "all the time in te world".

The role of young Lucas is played by the son of the actor who plays the old Lucas.

Reviewed by timthole9 / 10


If you are going to watch this movie, prepare to cry because this one is emotional.


The movie is about a dutch couple who sails the atlantic with their five year old son. The first few scenes are just them peacefully on the ship having a great time together. Thats when terror strikes. They cant find their son... at first they think he's hiding, so they search for him as if its a game. When they cant find them they realise he might have fallen off. After searching some more for a bit they realise he's gone. Now as the viewer you know this kids death. He's probably miles back in the ocean and invisable for them since a tiny head from miles away is extremely small. They try to find him anyway and dont succeed. The rest of the movie is a lot of crying and emotional scenes. The movie has 1 more plot twist. The mother is pregnant again but hasnt told the father yet. She suggests another child and the father says clearly that another kid would kill him. The mother decides to leave him without telling him about the pregnancy. 35 years later they are both old and the pregnancy did result in a kid. The father made a musical about the lost son and the parents reconnect. Mother decides to tell him about the fact that he has a grow adult child. A spark of hope in an otherwise tragic and sad movie. 9/10 i cried my eyes out. The only 1 critic i have is that there was 1 sex scene where the guy had an extremely unrealistic orgasm. Unrealistic because he seemed to relax during orgasm.

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