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2021 [TURKISH]


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Reviewed by olcare6 / 10

Ordinary problems in Turkey

The movie had both good and bad aspects, but I congratulate the writer (who is also the director) for creating a regressive atmosphere.

As I mentioned before, the film was quite successful in creating an atmosphere that seemed to have captured the standards of psychological-thriller, until a very simple solution was reached in the end, preventing a strong finale.

The acting was good, and Nihal Yalcin was quite good, but her performance did not deserve excessive praise. It was good enough to carry the atmosphere though.

The script wasn't bad, but the only thing missing was delving into the details of the main character's job. I wish they could have gone into a little more detail. Apart from that, the apartment building was a decent summary of Turkey. Although the scene of the fight when the cat was found was a little bland, most of the other scenes described Turkey quite well, which I think were successful parts. It was a bit disappointing that the character of the crazy person in the neighborhood was shown to have an incident, but it never actually happened. They could have written a regressive scene for that character.

Two things bothered me. One was what I mentioned before. Maybe there could have been a scene that could have elevated the movie more, but they wrote a bad fight scene at the most critical moment, which made me sad. The other was the last scene. Yes, they found the cat, but using a hammer to break into the house and easily taking the cat out was taking an easy way out and was a disservice to the atmosphere, in my opinion.

In short, it was not a bad movie, but some choices prevented it from being better.

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