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Beauty and the Beholder


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright75%
IMDb Rating4.310200

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheAll-SeeingI10 / 10

Plastic Fantastic

LaRon Austin's Beauty and the Beholder is an extremely well-conceived story. In this version of the Beauty and the Beast parable, the first candidate for either role - solid actor and pretty man-boy Ruan Martin - is a plastic surgeon with a wee bit of a cocaine habit and an unhealthy perception of what real beauty is and means. He's also pointedly unlikeable at first, verging on deplorable - until, of course, true beauty walks into this beast's life, and begins to slowly melt the sharpest edges off of this cold and narcissistic iceberg.

Director Austin dangerously but very purposefully puts our man's relationship with the viewer in a deep hole, and then coyly uses an arsenal of storytelling constructs to dig him out. At first, it's hard to imagine this character's successful emotional redemption. But therein lies the challenge Austin surely wanted to burden himself with to test his own chops as a storyteller, and he ultimately wins the battle in grand style.

This isn't a Disney movie of old, or of new. Arguable vulgarity, sexually-pointed dialogue, and some surgical scenes that could prove gruesome to the unsuspecting eye are all storytelling implements used by Beauty and the Beholder, but I'd argue they're not cumulatively gratuitous, and instead are well-chosen in that they successfully serve the director's tonal purpose. Kudos to Austin, too, for not laying down on the job once he's successfully put an emerging shine on our plastic surgeon: Instead of trailing off into the sunshine and happiness of predictable endings, we instead find ourself with a finish that neither conforms nor goes gently into that dark night, and it further stakes out this film as a truly accomplished piece of storytelling.

Reviewed by jasminekorus-526175 / 10

Tell Tale

Thus film is fairly on point with narcissism. It speaks volumes to about how society is so focused on perception and not what's inside. I will admit I was a bit thrown off when I saw straight snorting coke scenes but other than that it was a decent movie.

Reviewed by fieaoremaolmuire1 / 10

Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but

Movie has an overall score of 4.5 (160 votes). 16 out of 17 reviews are expressing great praise. All were written ON 2 NOVEMBER 2018 by accounts created in NOVEMBER 2018 who have NO OTHER RATINGS. Are you kidding me? They didn't even try to be discreet about it.

And yeah, this movie was utter rubbish. Not even LAUGHABLY bad, just totally terrible. (Admittedly, I didn't finish watching it, but I doubt there was any improvement.) As if a horned up teenager saw American Psycho and thought to himself, I can do something like that, but better and with tits!

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