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Beauty and the Billionaire


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Sashleigha Brady Photo
Sashleigha Brady as Addison
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Chris Reid as Justin Ross
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by princessprunie4 / 10

It wasn't bad

It wasn't bad. Over all, the movie was fun to watch, the brother Pete's many facial expressions had me and my mum cracking up most of the movie. We did notice the main actresses hair changed abruptly from dirty blond to almost black with no explanation. ? I personally found the main male lead pretty annoying, but the story was still fun and engaging. Not something I'd rewatch(I only do that when they're really **** good) but it did the job just fine. (I did think the guys character changed about to fast to be at all realistic but ehh so what.. at least us forget about the crippling depression that is life for an 1 and 33 minutes. (Yes I'm rambling because I'm trying to fulfill the amount of characters needed to submit this review)

Reviewed by rhonnie-431398 / 10


This movie was ok. I thought the actors did a good enough job. I liked the storyline. Sure there were some inconsistencies but overall it kept my interest.

The relationships depicted were ok. I found the dynamic between the leads worked well. It reminded me of the romance stories I used to read which I don't have the time for anymore.

In any case I always appreciate movies that are filmed in nice locations. This one met my expectations in that regard.

It was the usual ending. I think overall it met my expectations. I could watch it again, if it comes again, months from now or next year. I did not save it.

Reviewed by tabuno7 / 10

While Not A Breakthrough, Offers An Above Average Entertaining Experience

There are hundreds of comedy romance movies out there and like the business themed background to this movie, the competition is harsh and tough. This predictable movie has its charm along with some of the best photography of an exotic place, St. Martins. One could describe this movie as more drama than comedy and it works well as this stuck-up billionaire executive tries to convince another smaller business owner to sell her business so he can acquire a special battery that would significantly increase this big business's bottom line. The eventual triangle between one man and two women is handled quite well, exceeding the typical problematic relational difficulties of other movies. The evolution of the billionaire is handled pretty well and the typical banter is scripted above average while the typical dramatic moments as required of comedy romance movie is intriguingly fresh, though it could have been developed a bit more. The editing of this movie also stands out, making scenes shorter with a nice bite to them, leaving out more wasteful dialogue. This rom-com is enjoyable, nicely muted, but does not break huge ground. It is, however, worth one viewing and taking the time to savor the sights and production values of this movie.

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