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Behind Enemy Lines


Action / Drama / History / Thriller / War

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Sam Jaeger Photo
Sam Jaeger as Red Crown Operator #1
Owen Wilson Photo
Owen Wilson as Lt. Chris Burnett
Gabriel Macht Photo
Gabriel Macht as Stackhouse
Gene Hackman Photo
Gene Hackman as Admiral Leslie McMahon Reigart
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paulclaassen8 / 10

Great action suspense survival drama.

Note this is not a war movie. Instead it is a survival story set during a war. Viewed in that sense, it is an incredible action-packed drama. The photography is insanely good, with some fantastic aerial shots. Hail to director John Moore for having such a clear vision of what he wanted the end product to look like. This was so incredible, it is hard to believe it was his directorial debut feature.

Owen Wilson does a styling job here, so much so that I can't understand why he does comedy more often than drama. He just does drama so well. The film has amazing visuals, fast paced action, great acting, great music, great effects, great suspense - what else could one ask for to be entertained? This was a thrill-ride from beginning to end, with never a dull moment. It just got better and better as it progressed - and what an ending!

Reviewed by juneebuggy9 / 10

Enjoyed the ride

Well despite what others thought I really enjoyed this. I hadn't seen it in ages and had a great time watching it again, a thrill ride with solid characters, excellent special effects, and some cool looking camera work. Just as an FYI this is a great movie to watch on the treadmill as it's essentially just one long chase sequence set to some decent music.

It does get a bit rah-rah-ridiculous during the final climax, flag waving and just OTT bordering on silly but whatever I was still entertained.

This never slowed down, sure you can question the believability of events but I just enjoyed the ride, as our hero runs through exploding minefields, slides down the side of a dam, and hides in a pile of dead bodies with the enemy just inches away from him. There's a scene in a defunct factory/minefield where one of the bad guys suffers the shock waves of a (grenade) blast in slow motion, I've never seen anything like it, well done. The fighter jet scenes while being targeted by a missile reminded me of 'Top Gun', but were still exciting.

The story follows Owen Wilson as a navy pilot who is shot down over enemy territory and then struggles to get to his extraction point while surviving the relentless pursuit of a deadly tracker/sniper and countless hostile troops. With his rescue mission is delayed by politics, commanding officer (Gene Hackman) goes against orders to bring him home.

I liked seeing Owen Wilson in this downplayed action role, he did a great job as did Hackman, but he's playing a familiar character. Vladimir Mashkov is chilling as the Serbian sniper dude too. 2/23/16

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-19 / 10

Tough To Beat A Good Man-On-The-Run Action Movie

I don't think this is really considered a "war movie" in the normal sense but it might as well be since it involves all military people and the focus is an American Navy pilot who is shot down over Bosnia and runs for his life while waiting to be rescued.

Outside of Owen Wilson ("Lt. Chris Burnett") blaspheming about a dozen times, I thought this was a very entertaining film with spectacular sound and a couple of very intense action scenes. I always find man-on-the-run stories good, anyway.

The missile-jet scene has some of the best surround sound I have ever heard in an action scene, along with super visuals. Wilson's travails, as he tries to stay alive in hostile territory while red-tape holds up his rescue efforts, are fascinating. The action scenes are quite different, too.

This is a film I guarantee will not put you to sleep and, at the same, doesn't overdo the action. The end has the usual credibility gap with what I call "Rambo mentality," but overall is a gripping story.

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