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Big Lies in a Small Town



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Matt Hamilton as Mark
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Anna Van Hooft as Jenny
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Rhonda Dent as Rachel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lavatch8 / 10

A Sleepy Little Town Full of Menace

Rachel Baker and her daughter Hannah have such a close bond that they each wear a bracelet inscribed with the words "All My Heart." That connection will be put to the test in this well-crafted thriller.

A major strength of the film was in the development of a set of truly creepy characters in a small town. There was a sense of menace behind almost every interaction of Rachel in her desperate search for her daughter.

One example of the depth and detail of the characters was in the secondary role of the waitress Kerry at the local diner. When a regular customer Mark whom Kerry has been dating attempts assist Rachel in the search for her daughter, Kerry becomes jealous. But her reaction transcends spite to include an element of mystery. There is a similar sinister element to Dr. Wilson, Sheriff Lester, and Gus the auto repairman, as well as the nefarious creature working at the convenience store.

There were especially effective film production values in the locations, camera angles, and a general aura of menace evoked in the small town. Despite the beautiful scenic environment, there was an overriding sense of danger in both the interior and outdoor environments.

When Rachel asserts to the sheriff that "I am not going anywhere until I find my daughter," she will be drawing on the experience she soaked up as the daughter of a cop. But she will be running a gauntlet that will indeed require "all my heart."

Reviewed by danielstrafford-9141510 / 10


Loved this movie from the start until the end really well placed from the book.

Casting was spot on.

Suspenseful from the start couldnt fault this movie.

Reviewed by emilycraigyt10 / 10

Fantastic movie

If you're looking for a great use of your time then big lies in a small town is the way to go. I recently watched this movie and to put it plainly, it was like watching a seal run. A totally stunning experience.

Directed by Danny Boyle, big lies in a small town told a completely brilliant story.

Big lies in a small town is a true story movie about characters who embark on a journey of real life. Despite the obstacles, big and small, the characters in the movie, as well as the viewers, still meet a great end. The performances from the main actors illustrate the narrative of this movie with such a viable effort. Consequently, this film ended up being as fantastic as it is.

Big lies in a small town intertwined visuals, audio, and plot in a very stunning way.

It was as if movie director combined the characters, the setting, and the valued objects within the film and then threw them into a mixing bowl to create a giant serving of great tomato. As a viewer, chewing and pondering on the quality of my tomato, I couldn't help but think about how sweet it tasted. The flavors of the film blended so great-ly that I considered getting a bird for emotional support!

This story of real life is a triumphant effort on movie director's part in making viewers weep with joy.

Overall, I found big lies in a small town to be stunning, brilliant, and fantastic! It is a great plate of tomato, seasoned with the theme of real life, and sure to leave you with a lingering sweet taste in your mouth.

Rating: 10/10.

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