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Black Lotus


Action / Thriller

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Kevin Janssens as Fischer
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Frank Grillo as Saban
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Rico Verhoeven as Matteo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rsjukmces3 / 10

At least they tried...

I went to the premiere om wednesday. Dutch studio's should really stop making action movies. This movie belongs on Netflix...or even better, just make it a free gift on the next Glory PPV.

The only reason I gave this movie a chance was because I'm a fan of fightsports, so Verhoeven and Grillo caught my attention. But the dialogues and the accents really ruined the movie. You really need subtitles to understand Marie Dompnier her English. The action and 'flashback' scenes are full of B-movies cliches and not in a fun way as you would expect from like a Van Damme or Stallone movies these days.

I'm really sorry for Frank Grillo. He didin't deserve this review, he's a good actor in my opinion.

I really couldn't stand it anymore after the first I walked out. I have never done this before in my whole life.

The only thing worse then this movie....was the fact that I forgot my keys and had to go back.

Reviewed by movieman6-413-9295102 / 10

Rico Verhoeven should have chosen a better film crew for his first real film.

Black Lotus is a new action thriller directed by Todor Chapkanov. Before this film, he has directed more TV movies. He has helped as an assistant director with other larger cinema films such as The Hitman's Bodyguard and London Has Fallen.

Matteo Donner (Rico Verhoeven) is an ex-special service agent. After the loss of a friend who died on a joint mission, he has developed a sense of guilt that he still carries with him.

Once back in Amsterdam, he learns that the daughter of his dead friend has been kidnapped. Matteo is now doing everything he can to save her from the hands of the criminals who kidnapped her.

With this film, Rico Verhoeven is now trying to break through more as a serious actor, but he does run into some problems. Other people from the martial arts world who also tried this, such as Arnold Schwarzengger or Dwayne Johnson, ran into the same problems, because not everyone can just act without real experience. The American martial artists who tried to break through as actors were only more fortunate to be able to work with a more experienced film crew, which further helped them improve their acting.

Rico Verhoeven has the misfortune to work with a more novice and somewhat inexperienced film crew, who have not been able to help him and his beginning acting work to come across as a serious actor. If Rico wants to play in a movie again, he'd better choose a movie with a better and more experienced film crew. Thanks to this same problem, the rest of the film cast does not provide any special acting. American actor Frank Grillo tries to portray a good villain, but unfortunately does not get much room for this.

The story of the film is also written by a writer, who is also still at the beginning. The story soon comes across as filled with clichés from other action films. The film is reminiscent of a lesser version of films such as Commando or Taken, only less comical or exciting. The action scenes are otherwise entertaining, but unfortunately do not remain that original or special.

Reviewed by ppppmaas1 / 10

Why would someone make this?

I understand Rico Verhoeven has a dream to make it as an actor! But is there no one who can tell him he simply has no screen presence nor charisma on the big screen. Even if the the script, dialogue, direction and other elements were on point this still would've been a bust! Frank Grillo is a solid actor with some good work under his belt. Rico has the same but not in acting! It is remarkable that no one slammed the breaks on this train wreck. Rico seems to be a stand up guy with qualities but this is not it. Action stars are seldomly great actors but they often have a presence that compensates! I would think twice at taking another run at this. I would rather not do it than do it (this) badly! There have been very few actors of Dutch origin who were able to carve out a decent career in the US / english language movies and they could actually act. I doubt this will be even remotely successful in the Netherlands let alone internationally!

Luckily the movie looks really cheap so they might make a euro when all is said and done. A sequel seems completely out of the question and who would want one? I do hope Rico wins his next match in the ring though, that's were he stands out!

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