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Brothers in War



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cjdcor72241210 / 10

Brothers of War

I watched the movie, saw the TRUENESS of the events, the action, the bravery, and the Heartache and pain of those soldiers.

To hear the story's, i got to know them as well (to some degree) and it pained me when they were killed.

I was in Vietnam in 67-68, and know first hand of the lay of the land, and the VC activity. I was not in the infantry, and can only THANK THOSE WHO WERE, for their Bravery everyday.............The film showed that side as well.

What the soldiers did when faced with over whelming odds..............GREAT LEADERS, Both in Officers and NCO, and those not NCO's.


Thank You Charlie for supporting our MILITARY..............


Reviewed by billry10 / 10

Extraordinary Production!

As a member of Charlie Company and one of "The Boy's of '67", watching this documentary with my beautiful at my side was one of the most emotional experiences I've had since serving in Vietnam. Lou Reda Productions, with Scott Reda and Liz Reph's outstanding creativity, went above and beyond the call of duty to illustrate the God awful conditions that we young troopers dealt with in an extraordinarily nasty terrain and climate. If the Viet Cong didn't get you, surely the extreme heat, mud, leeches, snakes, rice paddies, jungle, and swamps would. Scott and Liz, with their excellent staff, pulled together a collection of Charlie Company home videos and archival footage that tells a powerful story of combat and our unbelievable return home to harsh treatment by ungrateful Americans.

This exceptional documentary rattled me to my bones.

Reviewed by jimmysixkiller10 / 10

Outstanding, Excellent, Well researched,The ugly truth.

Quite a lot of my personal interview for the Book "Boys of 67" and subsequently "Brothers in War had to be edited and dropped because I cried through most of it,(the interview).I am a real man grandfather and husband, I cry about nothing, but the emotional wounds of that war Vietnam are still fresh inside me 47 years later, Lou Reda productions really captured the essence of what the author Andrew Weist wanted to convey and it really hits at the gut of what Charlie Company's war in Vietnam was all about, not pretty but the whole ugly truth. As John Young a Squad leader so well stated at the end of the special, what ever your views are on the war don't judge me if you weren't there. We are proud to have severed our country and we honor our fallen brothers and sister in war.

John H Bradfield Jr. 3rd Platoon C/Co 4th/47th Inf 9th Infantry Div (pointman).

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