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Camp Manna



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Jimmy Tatro as Clayton Vance
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Gary Busey as Jack Cujo Parrish
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jybarra-0391210 / 10

High Five !

Very funny movie great story with surprisingly good acting from people I never heard of. I loved that there are many little detail that you have catch to get the humor.

Reviewed by moviefest-907578 / 10

'Camp Manna:' The 2018 Family Comedy We've All Been Waiting For!

Camp Manna is a Christian comedy that manages to poke fun at some of the ridiculousness that surrounds Christianity, yet it never loses sight of the important messages it succeeds in getting across.

Set in the 90's, poor non-believing Ian Fletcher gets shipped off to a summer Christian camp by his religiously obsessed aunt and uncle, where he is (somewhat) forced to compete in the hilarious-Biblically-themed Olympiad known as the God Games.

From the hilariously titled cabin names to the crazy bible themed challenges to the weird but wonderfully entertaining counsellors, Camp Manna perfectly captures the fun side of Christianity and summer camps.

The goofy score, hilarious outfits (I use to wear),and the sensational performances from Jimmy Tatro (American Vandal),Gary Busey, Joey Morgan, Evan Koons and Luke Klein, all make you feel as if you've been transported back in time to the lighter days of your childhood, thus, (in my eyes) perfectly nailing the 90s vibe.

My MVP has to be Evan Koons, I've never seen him in anything before now, but every-time he was on screen, I couldn't help but laugh, wether that be because of his hilarious one-liners or because of the pure energy he pumped into the flick, either way he did a bang-up job constantly challenging the brilliant Jimmy Tatro. Kudos Mr. Koons!

The only problem I have lies with the kid cast, everyone of them, including Ian Fletcher (for the most part) were little brats and that made them hard to like, but, then I thought... Sh**! I was a little brat at that age too!

All in all, this low-budget indie flick is a god-send that the whole family can sit and enjoy, and who knows, it could even teach the children some valuable lessons while having some valuable fun!

Reviewed by truemythmedia8 / 10

A Fresh Take on Faith Based Films

If I were to recommend one Christian film this year it would be this one; not only because I believe it can be enjoyed by Christian and secular audiences alike, but also because it breaks with conventionality, it tells a story that has lots of humor for both adults and children, and most importantly it doesn't shove a corny message down your throat; it presents a situation and lets you the viewer make your own decisions about where Ian's journey of faith will go from here. Take a trip to Camp Manna- I guarantee you won't regret it.

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