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Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga

2023 [HINDI]

Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Fresh67%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright83%
IMDb Rating7.91045222

heistairplane hijacking

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Uploaded by: FREEMAN


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Yami Gautam Photo
Yami Gautam as Neha Grover
Sunny Kaushal Photo
Sunny Kaushal as Ankit Sethi
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by moumitasarkar-1494810 / 10

Best movie

Netflix movies are hit or miss, but I like this one since it retained my interest throughout. As always, Yami gives an outstanding performance, and the narrative twists kept the story interesting. The only critique I have is that the producers might have expanded Yami's history somewhat. Everyone else in the cast performs excellently, especially the male protagonist. There is one major storyline fault that I will not describe in detail here, but you should be on the alert for it. This is not an award-winning film, but it will keep you entirely captivated and does not waste any time, which is excellent!

Reviewed by cifarshayar7 / 10

Mauka Nikal Ke Bhaga

A great story, superb content I think is remained half baked in this thrilling and engaging Netflix movie. It is not that I have not liked it but I have watched an opportunity lost to make it more interesting.

As the second half starts and a revelation is made the film becomes interesting but while investigation the investigator played by Sharad Khelkar has a chance to expose much bigger which I think makers didn't care because they want to concentrate only on the love-hate relationship of Sunny Kaushal and Yami Gautam. Both of them have did justice to their character I think I am disappointed by the climax.

Reviewed by toshki-19 / 10

Who are these people giving poor and low reviews?

Such amazing and gripping movies are so rare in Bollywood. Instead on enjoying it and celebrating them, there are "some" people still rating it poorly. I'm sorry, who dropped these people on their head as a child? I'm sure they're fun at parties(not!).

Watch it for yourself and judge it. For me, I haven't watched a good Indian movie in a while. Most Hindi movies nowadays are cheap and poor rip offs of South cinema. Here's finally an original, respect and appreciate it if you want more. If you don't, the big actors will continue making crappy remakes and tag them as Family Masala!

This one is so gripping and engaging. I don't like to rate things 10 as nothing is perfect, but this movie comes quite close to the top tier.

The plot and execution is brilliant. Kudos to the director! Yami Gautam, no words to express how good she is. Time and time again she reminds us all about her skills. Bless her and hope to see lots of her in such great roles.

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